Warm Audio WA-273EQ

Warm Audio WA-273EQ

Warm Audio WA-273EQ

  • Dual Channel, Class A, '73-style British Microphone Preamp with EQ
  • UK made Carnhill Transformers
  • UK made - Blore Edwards EQ dual-concentric switch potentiometers
  • Hand Wired, hand assembled
  • 80dB of gain - resistor stepped gain switch
  • Fully discrete
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The Warm Audio WA-273EQ is a dual '73 style microphone preamp and EQ. The WA273EQ is a versatile work horse that works well with all microphone types and equally on a wide variety of source material such vocals, guitars, bass, drums and much more. To achieve that loved vintage tone the WA 273EQ has fully discrete, class A circuitry with custom made UK Carnhill Transformers.

UK Custom Carnhill Transformers

Enthusiasts unequivocally get excited about the components used in classic '73-style British preamps. The signal transformers are a common topic of conversation. Vintage units used various versions of transformers throughout the years, but the most coveted were the earliest versions. These are regarded as the most desirable choice due to their fluid and forgiving nature. They saturate sweetly when pushed, and have been known to make engineers cry when they hear how beautiful their mixes sound through them!

Warm Audio worked closely with Carnhill Transformers of Cambridgeshire, UK, to design faithful reproductions of these most coveted, early version transformers. We at Warm Audio have not yet heard a modern day '73-style preamp sound as sweet and musical as does our WA273 with these beautiful custom Transformers.

Capacitors & Signal Path

An important part of classic British tone not often discussed are the different styles of capacitors and output transistor used in '73-style circuits. We found it important to maintain integrity to early British designs by using tantalum and polystyrene capacitors in the signal path and an output transistor choice that is much smoother in the high gain settings than what is typically found in modern '73-style preamps.

Hand Wired & Hand Assembled

Classic '73-style preamps were often hand-wired and so is the WA273! Guru’s claim that a portion of the sought after classic British tone can be attributed to the hand-wired nature of the build. The WA273 is hand-wired and hand assembled, including the pcb components that are all populated by hand.

Dual Channel, Class A, '73-style British Microphone Preamp

UK made Carnhill Transformers

Hand wired, hand assembled

80dB of gain - resistor stepped gain switch

Fully discrete

TONE button - Changes input transformer impedance for varying tone

Polarity switch

48v phantom power

LOW BAND BOOST/CUT - 35, 60, 110, 220 HZ

MID BAND BOOST/CUT - 360, 700, 1600, 3200, 4800, 7200 HZ


XLR mic input

Line level TRS input

TS Send/Receive insert jacks

XLR & TRS line level outputs

Direct In, instrument input

Output control

Led level indication

19" rackable

Ground lift switch

Internal IEC 115v/230v power inlet

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