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Giraffe Audio is a Midlands-based independent company that is focused on studio recording and music production. We provide up to date information on all the latest technology and trends.  

Whether you’re looking to create the next Abbey Road or converting the spare room into your own home studio, speak to the specialist in the Midlands. Our experienced team have created music production and recording spaces for everyone- serious home enthusiasts, youth centres, universities, session musicians, voice over artists and professional recording engineers. We’re the only people who have the experience to create your perfect space. 

Speak to us and you'll soon realise that you've come to the right people to help you get your studio built. See our sevices page for more information

The Right Equipment for Your Studio

All the products we recommend are fully battle tested by professionals- be that engineers, session musicians or voice over artists- we recommend what we know works so you can have faith that you have the best tools for your work. 

We want your recordings to sound as good as they can. The gear you select is the key to getting this right. With so much choice on the market, it's hard to know which to get that will be the right one for your studio and give you the best results. Our range is selected to give you the best sound quality and reliability- simple as that. Not sure what you'll need? Give us a call and tell us what you're doing. We can show you how to get the right results. 

Not Just Gear

We don’t just sell. Our range of services reflects the real nature of recording and music production these days. 

    • Pre-sales advice
    • Servicing and repairs
    • Tuition and workshops
    • Upgrades and installations

And more! Drop us a line and share your problems. Let's see if we can help! 

Trusted by the Professionals

We're trusted by many audio professionals- people's whos livelihoods rely on their gear performing when they are, whether they're recording bands, voice-over artists, broadcast location sound recordists, session musicians or educators- we're the guys they trust to provide the advice and serivce they need to be able to keep working. We provide that same level of service to all our customers- no matter their budget. 

Visit us

Visit us at our studio in Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham, speak with us on email, telephone or Social Media. Need directions? Take a look at our Location information to get to us.

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