SugarBytes Thesys

SugarBytes Thesys

SugarBytes Thesys


Sugar Bytes Thesys is a versatile MIDI-controlled step-sequencer, designed for intricate music creation. With its advanced pitch sequencing, real-time manipulation, and a plethora of features, Thesys stands out as a comprehensive tool for modern music producers.

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Step into the Future of Sequencing

Thesys by Sugar Bytes is more than just a step sequencer; it's a canvas for musical expression. Designed to breathe life into machines, Thesys offers a unique blend of sequencing capabilities, real-time controls, and intuitive design.

Intuitive Pitch Generation

Thesys allows users to paint sequences or harness the power of its random generator and mutate-function to craft patterns. With the ability to set root notes and scales, users can ensure their sequences remain harmonically sound. The built-in synthesizer further streamlines the creative process, eliminating the need for complex setups.

Performance and Modulation Mastery

The Performance Sequencer is a powerhouse, offering control over various musical elements, from octave shifts to pitch bends. The modulation section provides granular control over MIDI CCs, allowing for intricate modulation sequences that can breathe life into any sound.

Real-time Action and Control

With up to 16 patterns in a project, Thesys ensures flexibility in sequencing. The keyboard can be used to transpose patterns, select them, or access the Action Section, which offers real-time effects like looping and tempo breaks.

Sequencing Beyond Boundaries

Thesys breaks the mould of traditional step sequencers. With varying step-cycle lengths for different lanes, patterns can evolve and interact in unique ways, ensuring that sequences remain fresh and dynamic.

Extended Capabilities

While Thesys boasts its own synthesizer, its true power lies in its MIDI capabilities. Whether you're using it as a VST2, AAX, or an Audio Unit MIDI FX, Thesys can control other software or even hardware. The MIDI Export feature further enhances its versatility, allowing users to drag and drop sequences or save them for later use.

  • 32-step powerful MIDI sequencer
  • Pitch recorder for intuitive sequence creation
  • Pattern sequencer for extended passages
  • Real-time pattern manipulation via keyboard
  • Internal synthesizer for quick sound design
  • Extensive randomization features
  • Independent loop lengths for diverse sequencers
  • 18 unique sequencer lanes
  • MIDI Out and Drag 'n' Drop capabilities

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