SugarBytes Guitarist

SugarBytes Guitarist

SugarBytes Guitarist


Sugar Bytes Guitarist is a virtual guitar instrument designed to emulate authentic rhythm parts of an electric guitar. It offers a combination of step sequencer systems, detailed control over expression, and a vast array of guitar sounds and effects.

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Reimagining the Electric Guitar Experience

Guitarist by Sugar Bytes is not just a virtual guitar; it's a comprehensive tool that brings the intricate nuances of electric guitar playing into the digital realm. With its advanced sequencing and expressive capabilities, it stands as a testament to the fusion of traditional instruments and modern technology.

Intuitive Sequencing

The Patterns page offers a straightforward approach to sequencing. Users can define chords, select strings, and determine the strum direction across 16 steps. This flexibility ensures everything from rhythmic metal riffs to intricate arpeggios is easily achievable.

Authentic Human Touch

The "Animations" page introduces an extra layer of realism, allowing users to program individual finger movements on the fretboard. This feature, combined with the "Action Section", ensures that every strum and pluck resonates with authenticity.

Diverse Guitar Selection

Choose from three iconic guitars: Fender's Stratocaster, Telecaster, and the Duesenberg Starplayer Special. Each guitar has been meticulously sampled, ensuring a rich and authentic sound. The "round robin" function further enhances realism by alternating between different samples.

Amplifiers and Effects

Two distinct amp models and a direct out mode are available, catering to various tonal preferences. The effects section boasts ten diverse effects, from classic delays to modulation effects. The sophisticated Wah-Wah pedal, with its variable-rate LFO, adds another dimension to the sound.

  • Four distinct electric guitars
  • Over 2,000 samples for each guitar
  • Comprehensive control over strumming, chords, and song structures
  • Real-time action section for dynamic control
  • Slides, vibratos, and portamentos
  • Two amplifier models and direct-out functionality
  • Ten effects, including a Wahwah pedal and Talkmode
  • Ability to mute or de-tune individual strings

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