Solid State Logic XL Desk - unloaded

Solid State Logic XL Desk - unloaded

Solid State Logic XL Desk - unloaded


The Solid State Logic XL Desk is a versatile analogue mixing console designed for modern studio environments. It combines traditional SSL analogue sound with the flexibility to integrate with digital audio workstations.

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Flexible Routing and Summing

The XL Desk is designed with an extensive routing matrix, featuring over 40 input summing channels and 8 mix buses. This flexibility allows for intricate signal routing, accommodating both simple and complex mixing scenarios. Whether you're working on a multi-layered orchestral piece or a straightforward vocal track, the console provides the routing capabilities to handle it with ease.

SuperAnalogue™ Technology

At the core of the XL Desk is SSL's proprietary SuperAnalogue™ technology. This ensures an ultra-low noise floor and a wide frequency range, delivering unparalleled audio clarity. The technology is designed to preserve the integrity of the audio signal, making sure that what you put into the console is exactly what you get out of it, but with the added benefit of SSL's renowned audio quality.

500 Series Rack Integration

The console features 18 slots dedicated to 500 Series modules, providing an unprecedented level of customisation. You can populate these slots with a variety of preamps, EQs, and compressors to tailor the console's capabilities to your specific needs. This modular approach not only allows for a versatile signal path but also offers the flexibility to upgrade or change modules as your requirements evolve.

Inserts and Direct Outputs

Each of the console's channels is equipped with both insert send/return and direct output options. This provides additional flexibility for integrating external hardware processors into your signal chain. Whether you're routing audio to an outboard reverb unit or recording directly to a digital interface, these features offer a range of possibilities for signal processing and capture.

Modern Meets Vintage: Enhancing Digital Workflows

The XL Desk actively addresses the limitations you might encounter in a fully digital setup. While digital platforms excel in flexibility, they often fall short in delivering the sonic warmth and character that analogue systems offer. By incorporating the XL Desk into your digital workflow, you enrich your sound, adding the depth and nuance often missing in digital-only setups. This integration elevates the quality of both your recordings and mixes, offering a more dynamic and textured sound.

Monitoring and Talkback

The XL Desk comes with comprehensive monitoring options to suit a variety of studio setups. It features both main and mini monitor outputs, allowing for multiple monitoring environments within the same studio space. A built-in talkback microphone facilitates efficient communication between the control room and recording artists, ensuring that sessions run smoothly.

Key Features

  • 40+ input summing channels
  • 8 mix buses
  • SuperAnalogue™ technology
  • 18 slots for 500 Series modules
  • Insert send/return and direct output on each channel
  • Classic SSL analogue signal path
  • DAW control
  • Main and mini monitor outputs
  • Built-in talkback microphone

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