Solid State Logic Fusion

Solid State Logic Fusion

Solid State Logic Fusion

  • Analogue Stereo Outboard Processor
  • Includes Six SSL analogue Colour circuits
  • Fully Rackmountable
  • Perfect for a Hybrid Studio
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The SSL Fusion is an all-analogue 2U stereo outboard processor featuring five new analogue colouration tools designed to bring the perfect combination of added tonal character, weight and space to your mix bus or stereo stems, with the detail, warmth and finesse that only real analogue circuits can provide.

The Solid State Logic Fusion features five analogue processors that can be used discretely or combined:

Vintage Drive

Vintage Drive - is a unique non-linear harmonic enhancement circuit that brings cohesion and strength to your mix. Drive and Density controls interact to produce harmonic saturation and soft compression derived from overloading an analogue circuit. It can be used lightly for subtle thickening saturation or driven hard for more extreme distortion.

The Violet EQ

The SSL Violet EQ - an all-new minimum phase-shift, two-band shelving EQ. The first new SSL analogue EQ circuit for more than 25 years draws on the SSL legacy of carefully selected frequencies and response curves to create a musical and intuitive EQ designed to quickly dial in low-end weight and high-end sheen. High and Low frequency circuits each offer four switched frequency points and +/-9dB attenuation.

HF Compressor

A new High Frequency Compressor delivers the distinctive sound of high frequency rounding in the analogue domain. A compressor that effects high frequencies only, optimised for smooth and transparent harshness reduction and a tape-like high-frequency roll off – great for taming brittle high frequency fizz.

Stereo Image

A new Stereo Image enhancer provides a true analogue Mid-Side circuit that manipulates the Side signal, allowing for widening and spatial manipulation of the stereo field.


A switched, custom-designed SSL Transformer circuit introduces subtle low-frequency saturation, alongside a high-frequency phase-shift. The result is a simultaneous thickening of the low-end and an added sparkle to the high-end.

Expertly designed for today’s hybrid studio

SSL has also always been known for clever connectivity and features that streamline and accelerate production workflow. Fusion fits right in with a collection of workflow enhancing features including: +/-12dB Input and Output Trim controls, an Input overload LED, large peak-hold metering, a front-end 3rd order High Pass Filter with three selectable cut off frequencies, and tri-colour status indicators for the Vintage Drive and HF Comp sections. A set of XLR connections can be used either as a Stereo Insert for stereo mix bus processing or switched to function as a Mid-Side (MS) circuit enabling separate compressors or EQ to be applied to the middle (centre) and sides of a stereo signal. In Stereo Insert mode the insert point can be switched to pre-Violet EQ, when in MS mode the insert can be switched to pre-Stereo Image controls. Input and Output connections are via XLR.

Vintage Drive

A unique non-linear saturation circuit designed to bring that cherished gradual analogue overload sound you get from pushing vintage equipment into the sweet spot.

Violet EQ

A 2-band, minimum phase-shift shelving EQ offering instant low-end weight and glorious high-end sheen. 4 fixed frequency points for each band with ±9dB boost/cut.

HF Compressor

A high-frequency compressor, optimised for smooth taming of unwanted brittle sounds or build-up of top-end fizz.

Stereo Image

A built-in M/S circuit allows for sumptuous sculpting of the side-signal to allow for wider mixes with added depth.

Transformer Circuit

A custom SSL design that introduces subtle low-frequency harmonics for added weight, alongside a touch of added transformer sparkle in the highs.

Built-In Insert Point with two modes of operation:

Stereo mode allows you to integrate additional outboard gear such as the SSL Bus Compressor. Switchable pre/post the VIOLET EQ.

Mid/Side mode allows you to insert two different mono outboard processors across the mid and side signals of the mix. Switchable pre/post the STEREO IMAGE controls.

3rd order HPF (High-Pass Filter) to clean up unwanted low-end.

SuperAnalogueTM ±12dB centre-indented INPUT and OUTPUT trim controls to help achieve the best possible gain-staging into and out of Fusion.

Individual bypass switches for each circuit to compare sounds with/without each circuit.

Master BYPASS switch with two modes of operation:

Red mode: complete bypass.

White mode: bypass that includes the INPUT TRIM control.

Master meter, with 3-second peak hold segments. Switches from output to input metering upon pressing the BYPASS switch.

Input clip O/L LEDs, triggered at +27dBu.

Balanced XLR input and outputs throughout for easy and professional studio integration.

Enhanced ‘dot-dash’ screening around controls to allow for easier and clearer recall.

Adjustable front-panel meter and switch brightness to match the vibe of your studio environment.

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