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SSL Fusion Analogue Stereo Outboard Processor

  • Includes five SSL analog color circuits
  • Vintage Drive: a unique nonlinear saturation circuit designed to bring that cherished gradual analog overload sound you get from pushing vintage equipment into the sweet spot
  • Violet EQ: a 2-band, minimum-phase-shift shelving EQ offering instant low-end weight and gorgeous high-end air; 4 fixed frequency points for each band with ±9dB boost/cut
  • HF Compressor: high-frequency compressor optimized for smooth taming of brittle high end
  • Stereo Image: a built-in M-S circuit that allows sumptuous sculpting of the side signal for wider mixes with increased depth
  • SSL Transformer: a custom SSL design that introduces subtle low-frequency harmonics for added weight, with a touch of added transformer sparkle in the highs
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