SPL Track One

SPL Track One

SPL Track One

  • Fully-furnished channel strip for mics and instruments
  • High gain 65dB preamp
  • SPL De-Esser built-in
  • On board compressor/limiter for dynamic processing
  • 3-band EQ for frequency sweetening
  • Stereo linkable compression
Discontinued- contact us for more information

Presenting an all-in-one channel strip solution from SPL, suited for a wide range of microphones and instruments primed to produce exquisite tracking results out of the box. Track One combines a microphone preamplifier, DeEsser, dynamics controller and 3 band EQ all in a single multitalented 19” rack unit.

Tame Sibilance

DeEssing, the process of removing harsher sibilance from vocal recordings, is now an essential process in many recording studios. Track One inherits technology from SPL’s standalone DeEsser model and features the ability to remove harsh sibilance in a truly natural and musical way. This ensures transparent results even with extreme settings later in the chain.

SPL’s proprietary DeEsser design also features a unique automatic threshold adjust. This kicks in to compensate levels as soon as vocal technique becomes more energetic or general distance from the microphone begins to fluctuate.

Professional Sounds, Fast

Track One makes dialling in a great sounding vocal or instrument is surprisingly easy and instant studio polish is usually only a few tweaks away even out of the box. Sibilance can be tamed with the DeEsser functionality, dynamic range can be optimised using the built-in compressor, and frequencies can be finished and sweetened using the on-board 3-band equaliser.

This enables engineers to forge a professional, radio-ready sounding track without the necessity of patching in countless external processors, outboard or DAW plugins to test and/or bounce down.

Double Up For Stereo Success

For additional flexibility and to accommodate stereo sources, the SPL Track One features a link function to enable stereo compression across two strips. Whilst engaged, EQ on both units remains completely independent, allowing the user to mix beautifully wide stereo tracks while still equipped with individual EQ for fine tuning the stereo image.



Input Impedance:
12 kOhm Line / 1 MOhm Inst
Max Input Level:
+28 dBu Line / +12 dBu Inst
Max Output Level:
+20 dBu
Output Impedance:
50 Ohm
Frequency Response:
10 Hz-200 kHz Mic; 10 Hz-180 kHz Line
-91.0dBu Mic @ 40 dB; -95.8 dBu Line @ 20 dB
Dynamic Range:
115 dB
Common Mode Rejection:
1 kHz: -80 dB / 10 kHz: -68 dB (at -20 dBu)


Toroidal 15 VA
315 mA (230 V/50 Hz); 630 mA (115 V/60 Hz)

Physical Properties

482 x 44 x 210 mm (WxHxD)
3.1 kg

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