SPL Track One MK3

SPL Track One MK3

SPL Track One MK3


The SPL Track One MK3 is a versatile channel strip and preamp, designed for audio professionals seeking exceptional sound quality. It offers a range of features to elevate your recordings, making it an ideal choice for studios and enthusiasts.

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The SPL Track One MK3 is a high-quality channel strip and preamp known for its transparent sound and professional-grade features. With its meticulously engineered components and versatile capabilities, this unit is a valuable addition to any studio setup.

Transparent Mic Preamp:

Featuring a transparent microphone preamp, the Track One MK3 captures audio with exceptional clarity. Its low noise and pristine audio quality make it an excellent choice for demanding recording tasks.

Vitalizer EQ:

The Track One MK3 includes the renowned SPL Vitalizer EQ, allowing you to shape your sound with precision. Enhance clarity, depth, and presence in your recordings, achieving a polished and professional result.

Compressor and De-Esser:

Equipped with an integrated compressor and de-esser, this unit provides dynamic control and eliminates sibilance. It's perfect for achieving balanced and professional vocal or instrument recordings.

Phantom Power and High-Pass Filter:

With switchable phantom power and a high-pass filter, the Track One MK3 accommodates a wide range of microphones and recording scenarios. It ensures compatibility and versatility in your studio setup.

Key Features:

  • Transparent microphone preamp for pristine recordings
  • Vitalizer EQ enhances clarity, depth, and presence
  • Integrated compressor and de-esser for dynamic control
  • Switchable phantom power and high-pass filter

Technical Specifications:

Analog Inputs & Output XLR & TRS Jack (all balanced, except INSTR./LINE IN: unbalanced)
Maximum Input Gain (Mic) 10.6 dBu
Maximum Input Gain (Line) 33.5 dBu
Maximum Input Gain (Instrument) 21.5 dBu
Input Impedance (Mic) 10 kΩ
Input Impedance (Line) 47 kΩ
Input Impedance (Instrument) 1.1 MΩ
Maximum Output Gain 20 dBu
Output Impedance 75 Ω
Frequency Range (Mic) 10 Hz – 195 kHz
Noise (A-weighted, Mic Preamp, 150 Ω, 30 dB Gain) -94.5 dBu
Noise (A-weighted, Mic Preamp, 150 Ω, 50 dB Gain) -79 dBu
Noise (A-weighted, Mic Preamp, 150 Ω, 64 dB Gain) -65 dBu
Equivalent Input Noise (EIN) -126.8 dBu
Noise (A-weighted, Line/Instr Preamp, 0 dB Gain) -97 dBu
Noise (A-weighted, Line/Instr Preamp, 10 dB Gain) -90.5 dBu
Noise (A-weighted, Line/Instr Preamp, 22 dB Gain) -79 dBu
Common Mode Rejection (1 kHz) 80 dB
Dynamic Range 130.5 dB
Internal Linear Power Supply with Shielded Toroidal Transformer
Operating Voltage for Analog Audio +/- 15 V
Phantom Power 48 V
Mains Power Supply
Mains Voltage (Selectable) 230 V AC / 50; 115 V AC / 60 Hz
Fuse for 230 V T 315 mA
Fuse for 115 V T 630 mA
Power Consumption max. 7.6 W
Dimensions & Weight
W x H x D (Width x Height x Depth) 482 x 44 x 210 mm
Unit Weight 3.4 kg
Shipping Weight (Including Packaging) 4.5 kg

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