SPL GoldMike Mk2

SPL GoldMike Mk2

SPL GoldMike Mk2

  • Dual Channel Mic Preamp
  • Discrete Class-A single transistor and tube technology
  • Three-way tube saturation control
  • Flair presence boost control
  • Range selectable VU metering
  • Instrument input, separate rear-side microphone and line inputs
  • Custom-made fully discrete op-amps
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Now in its second generation, the GoldMike Mk2 is a dual channel microphone and instrument preamplifier which combines tube and transistor technology to forge a wealth of different tone and character options.

The Best Of Both Worlds

GoldMike Mk2 brings the efficiency of low noise discrete transistor amplification to the musical coloration and warmth of a dedicated tube stage, conquering both sides of the tonal spectrum in a single preamp unit.

The GoldMike's unique transistor stage negates the use of integrated circuits as these cannot be optimised to SPL’s standards. Instead the stage's Class A design comprises a single transistor and fully discrete circuitry, offering unbelievable dynamic range and clarity for the preamp’s price point.

Meanwhile the tube stage offers a selection of three independent amplification levels: the standard +6 dB, +12 dB and finally +18 dB. This allows for a wide range of different saturation levels and limiting effects.

Feel The Flair

Another unique technology from SPL has been integrated into the GoldMike Mk2: Flair. Powered by harmonical behaviour from the preamp’s internal coils, the Flair control feature acts as a presence filter to make the recording element more or less prominent in any mix.

SPL have also included a pre-output stage Peak/FET limiter for extra compression. This can be utilised to add more punchiness to a source, or more functionally to avoid clipping before the signal reaches the AD conversion stage.


Frequency Response:
‹10Hz bis 90kHz (-3dB)
Input Impedance:
2.8kOhm (XLR)
Output Impedance:
50Ohm (XLR and TRS)
0.017 % @ -40dBu
-86.6dBu @ 40dB (A-weighted)
Dynamic Range:
110dB @ 30dB
Equivalent Input Noise:
Max Input:
+7dBu XLR; +23dBu Line
Max Output:
+26.8dBu (XLR/TRS Balanced)
Common Mode Rejection:
›75dB @ 30dB (1 kHz)



Physical Properties

482 x 88 x 210mm (WxHxD)

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