SPL Crossover

SPL Crossover

SPL Crossover

Starting from £3,249.00
  • 2-way active crossover
  • Fully analogue from end-to-end
  • Powered by 120v VOLTAiR Technology
  • Impressively high headroom
  • Wide dynamic range
  • 360 degree phase control
  • Switchable mono/stereo setting for dual subs
  • Phase control hard bypass
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The Crossover from SPL is a unique, all-analogue crossover component featuring real time control, huge headroom, and compatibility with multiple studio monitors and speaker systems.

Staying True To Analogue

Whilst many subwoofer connected 2.1 sound systems handle crossovers in the digital domain, this imposes a significant level of manipulation on the signal flow. Processes such as DSP, AD and DA conversion all effect the original sound lessening its natural timbre on its route to the studio main or hifi loudspeakers.

Crossover presents a viable alternative to this scenario by keeping the signal to subs and mains firmly in the analogue domain.

Dual Frequency Sections

Crossover’s frequency range is split into two primary sections: LOW and MID-HI. The crossover frequencies for each section are identical and can be switched via stepped 6-way potentiometers from 60Hz up to 120Hz.

Independent low pass and mid-Hi pass filters are also on offer with 24dB and 12/24dB per octave steep controls respectively. A classic Linkwitz/Riley configuration can be achieved with both controls set at 24dB.

Pinpoint Phase Control

The SPL Crossover is equipped with a fully variable phase control for precise control. This allows perfect alignment of subs against tops or main speakers with a full 360 degree phase circle capability from a single knob.

When phase control is not needed, the feature can be hard bypassed to take the component out of the path entirely and maintain the shortest possible signal flow.

Doubling Down

For point-two systems harnessing dual subwoofers for left and right, SPL have also included a stereo switch to enable single/dual channel subwoofer mixes on the fly.

In the stereo position, the sub signal will be mixed left/right to channels one and two. With the setting disabled - the system combines the signal into an L/R sum.


Max Gain:
32.5 dB
Input Impedance:
20 kΩ
Output Impedance:
75 Ω
-82 dBu
Frequency Range:
4 Hz – 300 kHz (-3 dB)
-70 dBu (1 kHz)
0.0008 % (0 dBu, 1 kHz, MID-Hi filter on)
-106 dBu (A-weighted, MID-HI output)
Dynamic Range:
138 dB (MID-HI output)


Internal Linear Shielded
Operating Voltage:
+/- 60V audio, +12V relays
Mains Voltage:
230 / 115V selectable
T 500 mA
50 VA
< 0.3 W

Physical Properties

278 x 100 x 330 mm (W x H x D)
5.4 kg
Shipping Weight:
7.0 kg

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