SPL Channel One MKII

SPL Channel One MKII

SPL Channel One MKII

  • Fully-featured studio recording channel strip
  • Tube/transistor hybrid preamp technology
  • Built-in reverb friendly noise gate
  • Smart DeEsser with built in auto threshold feature
  • Compressor powered by Double-VCA-Drive
  • 3 band equaliser including field-effect processing


Discontinued- contact us for more information

Three-Fold Input Options

Channel One presents a Swiss army knife of tools to help prime any vocal, instrument, digital or analogue audio source for mixing. Each Channel One features a tube/solid-state preamp, DeEsser, compressor limiter, EQ and even a personal headphone monitoring section providing an independent mix for artists.

The Channel one preamp section features three individual inputs optimised for a wide range of sources. The balanced microphone input is armed with 48V phantom power for condenser microphones, phase reverse and an on-board subsonic filter, whilst the line input has a precise balancing stage for low-impedance sources. Finally the high-impedance, low-noise instrument input is situated directly on the front panel for ease of access by recording or control room musicians.

Multiple Processing Stages

A wealth of options are made available with Channel One to assist recording engineers and producers in cleaning up a source ready for mixing.

The DeEsser section subtly removes offending sibilants by processing only S-type frequencies. This ensures incorrect information is not removed from the frequency array and vocal tonality remains intact. SPL's DeEsser section features an auto-threshold feature which actively compensates for source volume variation, accommodating the signal for vocalists with perhaps less than perfect technique.

Channel One’s dynamic processing section features a noise gate which operates intelligently without removing reverb tails, and a compressor/limiter based on SPL’s proprietary Double-VCA-Drive® circuitry. The compressor offers amazing noise and distortion characteristics via a truly musical timbre.

Finally the Channel One EQ is optimised for voices, acoustic and electronic instruments. In addition to the low, mid-high and air-band filters, the EQ also features a field-effect distortion stage for subtly distorting signals and adding additional character to sources.

  • Hybrid Transistor/tube preamplifier
  • De-Esser
  • Compressor/limiter
  • Noise gate
  • 3-band EQ
  • Headphone monitor
  • Options: AD converter, I/O transformers
  • Made in Germany

Number of microphone inputs: 1 

Instrument input: Yes

Tubes: Yes

Compressor/Limiter: Yes

Equalizer: Yes

De-Esser: Yes

Phantom power: Yes

Phase Reverse: Yes

External effect loops: Yes

Analogue Outputs: XLR, jack

Digital Outputs: Optional

Headphone connection: Yes

Level Meter: No

Design: 19" / 2U

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