Solid State Logic PUREDRIVE QUAD

Solid State Logic PUREDRIVE QUAD

Solid State Logic PUREDRIVE QUAD


PURE DRIVE QUAD is a 4-channel microphone preamplifier unit that incorporates the SuperAnalogue PureDrive™ technology. It offers advanced digital connectivity and an onboard USB interface, making it a versatile choice for both studio and on-location recording.

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PURE DRIVE QUAD: A New Standard in Mic Preamp Technology

PURE DRIVE QUAD is a 4-channel microphone preamplifier that incorporates the SuperAnalogue PureDrive™ technology, originally featured in SSL's ORIGIN console. This 2U rackmount unit not only continues the legacy of SSL's esteemed preamp technology but also introduces a new Asymmetric DRIVE mode, advanced digital connectivity, and an onboard USB interface.

Dual-Mode Functionality: Versatility at Its Best

The unit offers dual-mode functionality, allowing you to switch between the PURE and DRIVE modes. The PURE mode captures the most intricate details of any sound source with unparalleled clarity. When switched to DRIVE mode, the unit adds a warm, harmonically rich tone to recordings, making it an essential tool in any professional recording setup.

Three DRIVE Modes: A Sonic Palette for Every Need

PURE DRIVE QUAD features three distinct DRIVE modes: Clean, Classic Drive, and the newly introduced Asymmetric Drive. Clean mode offers an ultra-low noise floor and a linear response, ideal for capturing sound sources in their most natural state. Classic Drive introduces odd harmonics into the signal, adding a layer of complexity and richness. Asymmetric Drive is a new addition to the range, designed to make even harmonic content more dominant, thereby providing a thicker sound and softer transients.

Seamless Integration: A Versatile Addition to Any Setup

PURE DRIVE QUAD is designed for seamless integration into various recording setups or for standalone operation. It features a comprehensive selection of analogue and digital I/O options, including four rear-mounted combo XLR inputs and four front-panel Hi-Z/DI instrument inputs. The unit also includes an integrated USB sound card, capable of delivering four channels of high-quality audio directly into your DAW at up to 32-Bit/192 kHz.

Precision and Control: Fine-Tuning Your Sound

The unit offers a stepped gain control that can go up to +65 dB, along with a 31-step trim control for precise level adjustments. Each of the four mic preamps includes independent +48V phantom power, polarity inversion, and a sweepable High Pass Filter, allowing for meticulous control over your sound.

Professional-Level Specifications: Meeting the Demands of the Pros

PURE DRIVE QUAD is built to meet the demands of professional recording setups. It supports up to 192 kHz and 32-bit conversion and offers professional I/O levels. The unit also features an auto-ranging word clock input and output, ensuring robust and stable digital clocking for all your recording needs.

  • 4-channel high-performance PureDrive™ mic preamps
  • Three distinct DRIVE modes: Clean, Classic Drive, and Asymmetric Drive
  • Advanced digital connectivity via ADAT, AES, and USB
  • Stepped Gain control up to +65 dB
  • 31-step Trim control
  • Mic/Line Input Switching
  • Four front-panel Hi-Z/DI Instrument inputs
  • Four mic preamp input impedance options
  • Balanced analogue outputs/insert sends
  • +24 dBu professional line-level insert returns/ADC inputs
  • Auto-ranging Wordclock In and Out
Feature Specification
Mic Preamps 4-channel high-performance PureDrive™
DRIVE Modes Clean, Classic Drive, Asymmetric Drive
Digital Connectivity ADAT, AES, USB
Gain Control Stepped, up to +65 dB
Trim Control 31-step, 1 dB increments
Input Options Mic via XLR, Line via TRS Jack or D-Sub
Additional Features +48V phantom power, polarity invert, sweepable High Pass Filter, Auto-ranging Wordclock

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