Solid State Logic Origin

Solid State Logic Origin

Solid State Logic Origin


The SSL Origin 32 is an analogue in-line console designed for modern hybrid production environments, offering a seamless blend of traditional workflow and cutting-edge features.

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The SSL Origin 32 is a groundbreaking analogue in-line console that serves as the perfect companion for today's digital audio workstations (DAWs). It is designed to bring the legendary SSL sound and workflow into modern production studios, offering a range of features that bridge the gap between digital production and analogue console workflow.

Traditional Meets Modern

The SSL Origin 32 is rooted in SSL's long heritage of studio mixing consoles. It incorporates traditional analogue studio workflow while being tailored for modern DAW-driven production. The console's design is inspired by the origin of in-line consoles, yet it incorporates the latest in analogue developments to deliver a unique sonic signature that is unmistakably SSL.

Feature-Rich Console

The console comes with 32 channels, each featuring the acclaimed E-Series four-band parametric EQ, variable Cut/Boost per band, HF and LF Bell/Shelf switches, and an independent sweepable high-pass filter. The new PureDrive™ mic preamp design offers ultra-clean, ultra-low noise performance with the flexibility of switching character to a warm, harmonically-rich tone.

Advanced Mix Bus Architecture

The SSL Origin 32 introduces a new mix bus and mix amp architecture that delivers an amazingly low noise floor along with enormous headroom. This results in a mix bus that retains the classic SSL sound while adding breadth and space to your mixes.

Versatile Connectivity

Balanced insert points per channel path, dedicated channel direct outputs, and stem-ready 0dB fader bypass switches make the SSL Origin 32 an ideal choice for modern production studios. The adjustable center section features 12U of rack space, allowing for additional outboard processing or software controllers.

Energy Efficient

The console features a unique Auto Sleep mode that detects prolonged inactivity and puts the console in stand-by, reducing power consumption.

  • 32-channel analogue in-line console
  • E-Series four-band parametric EQ on each channel
  • PureDrive™ mic preamp with character switching
  • Advanced mix bus and mix amp architecture
  • Balanced insert points and dedicated channel direct outputs
  • Stem-ready 0dB fader bypass switches
  • Adjustable 12U center section for additional outboard gear
  • Auto Sleep mode for energy efficiency
Feature ORIGIN 32
Channel Count 32 mono in-line
Total Inputs to Mix 88
Track Busses 16
Audio Sub Groups 8 stereo sub groups (stereo fader)
Mix Busses 1x stereo
Foldback Outputs 3
Monitor Outputs 4x stereo
Fader Technology audio through faders
Mic Pres 32x PureDrive mic pre & drive circuit
Channel Insert Point 2 (1 per path)
High Pass Filter 4-band E-Series
EQ 2x stereo, 4x mono
Aux Sends 16
Channel Direct Outputs 32
Channel Panning Stereo

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