Solid State Logic Big SiX

Solid State Logic Big SiX

Solid State Logic Big SiX

The BiG SiX is a premium desktop audio mixer from Solid State Logic, designed to bring large-format console features to your workspace.
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Solid State Logic's BiG SiX: Comprehensive Desktop Audio Mixing Solution

The Essential Studio Console

The SSL BiG SiX is a hybrid production console that combines iconic SSL studio console features with modern hybrid workflow capabilities. It is equipped with four SuperAnalogue mic preamps, four stereo line-level inputs with dual mono switching, and 3-band E-Series EQ on every channel. The console also includes dual independent headphone outputs with a source matrix, advanced monitoring and routing options, and a built-in 16-channel 96 kHz/24-bit USB interface. The G-Series Bus Compressor with renowned 'Auto' release adds the finishing touch to your mixes. Designed for flexibility and creative agility, the BiG SiX is suitable for a wide range of production scenarios, from content creation to post-production and multitrack recording.

Advanced Hybrid Production Capabilities

The BiG SiX is equipped with SSL console-grade faders that offer a large sweet spot around 0 dB, making it easier to make subtle adjustments. Additionally, the mixer provides 18 channels of analogue summing at mix-down. This feature allows for the summing of multiple audio channels into a single stereo output, providing a fuller, richer sound that is often sought after in professional audio production.

Versatile and High-Quality Audio Inputs

The mixer includes four SuperAnalogue™ Mic/Line Inputs, each with Hi-Z, 48V, high-pass filter, and polarity switch. The wide gain range of these inputs makes them suitable for a variety of microphone types, including dynamic, condenser, and ribbon microphones. This ensures that you have the flexibility to choose the best microphone for your specific recording needs.

Robust USB Interface with Advanced Routing

The built-in 16-Channel 96 kHz/24-bit USB Interface is more than just a digital audio pathway. It offers advanced routing options, allowing you to send audio to different software applications or hardware units. This is paired with 16 high-quality A/D and D/A converters, ensuring that the digital representation of your audio remains true to the original sound.

SSL G-Comp Bus Compressor for Cohesive Sound

The SSL G-Comp Bus Compressor with 'Auto' release functionality is a key feature for achieving a controlled and cohesive mix. It allows for the compression of the entire mix, or of individual channels, helping to glue various elements together for a more unified sound.

Detailed EQ and Dynamics for Sound Shaping

Each channel comes equipped with a 3-band SSL EQ, offering high and low shelving filters at 3.5 kHz and 60 Hz. This EQ allows for precise tonal shaping, whether you're looking to boost the highs for added clarity or cut the lows to remove muddiness. Additionally, the mixer offers classic SSL channel dynamics processing, including a program-dependent attack time and a gentle 2:1 ratio, providing a versatile toolkit for dynamic control.

Flexible Monitoring Options

The BiG SiX features dual independent headphone outputs, each with a source matrix. This allows you to send different mixes to each headphone output, which can be particularly useful when recording multiple musicians who may each require a different monitor mix.

Professional-Grade Metering

The mixer offers fast, accurate, and detailed metering that adheres to professional +24 dB and +18 dB standards. This level of metering accuracy is crucial for ensuring that your recordings and mixes meet industry standards, allowing for precise level adjustments.

Additional Routing for Creative Flexibility

The BiG SiX has the capability to re-route USB channels for dedicated cue feeds to your DAW. This is particularly useful for in-the-box effect processing, where you may want to apply software-based effects to audio channels without affecting the original recordings.


  • Four SuperAnalogue™ Mic/Line Inputs with Hi-Z, 48V, high-pass filter, and polarity switch
  • Four SuperAnalogue™ Stereo Line-Level Inputs with dual mono switching
  • Built-in 16-Channel 96 kHz/24-bit USB Interface with advanced routing options
  • SSL G-Comp Bus Compressor with 'Auto' release functionality
  • 3-Band SSL EQ on every channel with high and low shelving filters at 3.5 kHz and 60 Hz
  • Classic SSL Channel Dynamics Processing with program-dependent attack time and 2:1 ratio
  • Dual independent headphone outputs with source matrix
  • 100 mm console-grade faders for precise level adjustments
  • Professional metering adhering to +24 dB and +18 dB standards
  • Comprehensive monitoring section with Main and Alt loudspeaker outputs, MON, DIM, and CUT controls
  • Capability to re-route USB channels for dedicated cue feeds to DAW
  • 18 channels of analogue summing at mix-down
BiG SiX Specification Table

Specification Table:

Feature Specification
Mic/Line Inputs Four SuperAnalogue™ with Hi-Z, 48V, high-pass filter
Stereo Line-Level Inputs Four SuperAnalogue™ with dual mono switching
USB Interface 16-Channel 96 kHz/24-bit with advanced routing
Bus Compressor SSL G-Comp with 'Auto' release
EQ 3-Band SSL EQ with high and low shelving filters
Channel Dynamics Processing Program-dependent attack time, 2:1 ratio
Headphone Outputs Dual independent with source matrix
Faders 100 mm console-grade
Metering Standards +24 dB and +18 dB
Monitoring Controls Main and Alt loudspeaker outputs, MON, DIM, CUT
USB Channel Re-routing Capability for dedicated cue feeds to DAW
Analogue Summing Channels 18

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