Softube Console 1Channel MKIII

Softube Console 1Channel MKIII

Softube Console 1Channel MKIII


The Softube Console 1 Channel MK III is a channel strip hardware controller designed to redefine your mixing experience. It serves as an integral part of the Console 1 Mixing System, providing hands-on control over tape/preamp, shape, EQ, compression, drive, and specific DAW

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The Softube Console 1 Channel MK III is a groundbreaking hardware controller that serves as the cornerstone of the Console 1 Mixing System. This unit is engineered to provide you with hands-on control over your DAW's channel strip, offering an intuitive interface for tape/preamp, shape, EQ, compression, drive, and specific DAW functions.

Updated Features for Modern Workflows:

The MK III version is a future-proof investment for any studio. It comes with touch-sensitive knobs that offer a responsive, tactile feel, enhancing your mixing experience. The dual high-resolution screens provide a clear view of your settings, making it easier to fine-tune your mix. The dual USB-C ports allow for daisy chaining, offering a scalable solution for more complex setups.

Core Mixing Suite - A Sonic Palette:

The Console 1 Channel MK III includes Softube's Core Mixing Suite software, a collection of meticulously modeled plugins that bring Softube's award-winning sounds into your DAW. This includes the Softube Tape, FET Compressor Mk II, and Bus Processor, providing you with a wide sonic palette to choose from.

Analog Feel with Digital Convenience:

The Analog Feel™ potentiometers offer a tactile experience that rivals high-end outboard gear. These potentiometers are highly responsive, allowing for precise adjustments, giving you the best of both analog and digital worlds.

Mouse-free Mixing:

The knob-per-function design allows you to focus on the sound rather than the screen, providing a more intuitive and engaging mixing experience. This design philosophy encourages you to use your ears rather than your eyes, leading to better mixes.

Flexible Mounting Options:

The unit offers VESA and 19-inch rack mounting options, providing flexibility for studio setups of all sizes. Whether you're working in a professional studio or a home setup, the Console 1 Channel MK III can be easily integrated.

In summary, the Softube Console 1 Channel MK III is a versatile and future-proof addition to any modern studio, offering a tactile and intuitive mixing experience.

  • Touch-Sensitive Knobs
  • Dual Screens
  • Dual USB-C Ports
  • Core Mixing Suite Included
  • Analog Feel™ Potentiometers
  • VESA and 19-inch Rack Mounting

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