PSP VintageWarmer 2

PSP VintageWarmer 2

PSP VintageWarmer 2


The PSP VintageWarmer2 is a sophisticated digital emulation of an analog-style single or multi-band compressor/limiter, designed to deliver warm, analog-like processing with a modern, user-friendly interface.

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Masterful Analog Emulation

The PSP VintageWarmer2 stands out as a premium digital representation of an analog-style compressor/limiter. Designed for both mixing and mastering engineers, it offers the warmth of analog processing combined with the precision and flexibility of digital design.

Rich, Warm Processing

With its ability to emulate soft-knee compression as well as brick-wall limiting, the PSP VintageWarmer2 is versatile in its application. Its unique algorithm can produce saturation effects reminiscent of classic analog tape recorders, adding character and warmth to any audio signal.

Professional Metering

Ensuring precision in your work, the PSP VintageWarmer2 features professional-grade VU and PPM metering. Accurate overload indicators are also included, guaranteeing optimal output quality.

Versatile Versions

The PSP VintageWarmer2 package includes three distinct versions of the plug-in:

  • PSP MicroWarmer: Optimized for individual tracks, it offers the same sound quality with a simplified interface and low latency.
  • PSP VintageWarmer (LE): Retaining the strengths of the original PSP VintageWarmer, it's designed for low resource usage and latency.
  • PSP VintageWarmer2: Features the acclaimed FAT double sampling mode for enhanced analog emulation.

For multi-tracking applications, the PSP VintageWarmer (LE) or PSP MicroWarmer are recommended, reserving the PSP VintageWarmer2 for mastering or group processing.

Key Features

From its high-quality signal processing algorithms to its 64-bit floating point precision, the PSP VintageWarmer2 is packed with features. Whether you're looking to add warmth, shape dynamics, or apply analog tape-style compression, this plug-in has you covered.

  • High-quality signal processing algorithms
  • Single or multi-band processing
  • FAT double sampled processing
  • 64-bit floating point precision
  • Shelf filters for bass and treble in single-band mode
  • Accurate VU and PPM metering with overload indicators
  • Brick-wall limiting option
  • Two Release Multiplier ranges
  • Supports up to 192kHz sample rates
  • Comprehensive library of presets

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