PSP Audioware TripleMeter

PSP Audioware TripleMeter

PSP Audioware TripleMeter


PSP TripleMeter offers a trio of professional audio measurement tools in one plug-in, including VU meters, RMS meters, and PPM meters, ensuring precise audio processing and monitoring.

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PSP TripleMeter: Comprehensive Audio Measurement in One Plug-in

The PSP TripleMeter stands as the evolved successor to the renowned PSP 2Meters bundle. Designed for audio professionals who require precise measurement tools, the PSP TripleMeter amalgamates three distinct meters into one plug-in, ensuring a comprehensive audio monitoring experience.

Key Components:

VU Meters:

Volume Unit (VU) meters provide an average level of audio signals, helping users maintain consistent loudness. They are especially useful for ensuring that levels are consistent across different audio sources.

RMS Meters:

Root Mean Square (RMS) meters offer a more accurate representation of an audio signal's loudness. They measure the average power of the signal, making them essential for mastering and ensuring consistent playback volume across various platforms.

PPM Meters:

Peak Programme Meter (PPM) provides rapid response times, capturing the peak levels of an audio signal. This ensures that the audio does not clip and distort when converted to analog or when broadcasted.

Enhanced Functionality:

Each meter comes with its unique calibration features. Shared functionalities such as trim faders, filters, and a label strip enhance the user experience. With PSP TripleMeter, switching between different measurement tools is seamless. Whether you're checking the VU measurements, comparing peak indications, or evaluating RMS values, a single click provides all the information you need.

Specifications for Seamless Integration:

Available for both MAC and WINDOWS platforms, PSP TripleMeter is compatible with a range of plugins, ensuring smooth integration into your audio processing workflow.


For audio professionals who demand precision and versatility, the PSP TripleMeter is an indispensable tool. By combining three essential audio measurement tools into one plug-in, it offers both convenience and accuracy, ensuring that your audio is always at its best.

  • Combines VU meters, RMS meters, and PPM meters in one plug-in.
  • Discrete calibration features for each meter.
  • Shared functionalities like trim faders, filters, and label strip.
  • Seamless switching between different measurement tools.
  • Ensures precise audio monitoring and processing.

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