PSP Audioware StompFilter

PSP Audioware StompFilter

PSP Audioware StompFilter


PSP stompFilter is a versatile modulated filter and gain plug-in, designed to deliver a vast range of creative effects from LFO-modulated filters to expressive auto-wah and more.

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Unleash Your Creativity with PSP stompFilter

Introducing the PSP stompFilter, a dynamic and innovative plug-in that pushes the boundaries of modulated filter and gain effects. Crafted for those who seek to add a touch of uniqueness to their sound, the PSP stompFilter offers a plethora of effects to elevate your audio experience.

Dynamic Range of Effects

At the heart of PSP stompFilter lies its ability to produce a wide array of effects. From a LFO-modulated low pass filter that can give your sound a rhythmic pulse, to the classic auto-wah effect that can add a touch of funk to your tracks. Whether you're looking for low, band, or high-pass filter modes, stompFilter has got you covered. Additionally, its built-in compressor ensures that your sound remains tight and focused.

Expressive Filtering with a Twist

One of the standout features of the PSP stompFilter is its expressive filtering capabilities. Thanks to its adjustable filter type and the flexible cross-modulations of the LFO by the envelope detector, you can achieve vivid and dynamic filtering effects. And for those who seek that vintage analog feel, a touch of adjustable LFO randomization introduces delightful "imperfections", reminiscent of classic analog devices.

Specifications at a Glance

Designed to be compatible with a range of systems, the PSP stompFilter supports both MAC and WINDOWS platforms. Whether you're working with VST-2, VST-3, AU, or AAX plugins, stompFilter seamlessly integrates into your workflow.


For producers, sound designers, and audio enthusiasts looking to add a touch of creativity to their sound, the PSP stompFilter is a must-have tool. Its wide range of effects combined with its user-friendly interface makes it a valuable addition to any audio toolkit.

  • LFO-modulated low pass filter for rhythmic effects.
  • Classic auto-wah effect for added funkiness.
  • Low, band, or high-pass filter modes for versatile sound shaping.
  • Built-in compressor for tight and focused sound.
  • Adjustable LFO randomization for analog-like "imperfections".
  • Smoothly adjustable filter type for dynamic filtering effects.

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