PSP Audioware RetroQ

PSP Audioware RetroQ

PSP Audioware RetroQ


PSP RetroQ is a musical equalizer plug-in with a unique sonic character and ultra-low phase distortion, designed for gentle sweetening and overall processing enhancement.

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Experience the Musicality of PSP RetroQ

Introducing PSP RetroQ, an equalizer that stands out with its unique sonic character and ultra-low phase distortion. Designed by the renowned PSP Audioware, RetroQ offers a fresh take on musical equalization, ensuring that your audio retains its natural essence while benefiting from subtle enhancements.

Not Just Another EQ

While many equalizers focus solely on altering frequencies, PSP RetroQ goes a step further. Its design ensures that the sound remains smooth and musically natural, making it perfect for those who seek a gentle touch in their mixes. The shelf filters are inspired by the acclaimed VintageWarmer filters, ensuring that the sound remains warm and inviting. Additionally, the inclusion of a mid-range filter, designed with the same internal architecture, adds versatility to the plug-in.

Complete Program Equalizer

With the addition of an adjustable high pass filter, PSP RetroQ transforms into a complete program equalizer, ready to tackle any audio processing challenge. Whether you're working on group tracks, entire mixes, or just need a touch of enhancement on a specific instrument, PSP RetroQ is up to the task.

Features at a Glance

At its core, PSP RetroQ offers shelf filters inspired by the VintageWarmer, ensuring a warm and musical sound. The addition of a mid-range filter and an adjustable high pass filter makes it a versatile tool for any audio professional. Optimized for group and mix processing, it's also perfect for any situation that requires a touch of sonic sweetening.


For those in search of an equalizer that offers more than just frequency adjustments, PSP RetroQ is the answer. With its unique sonic character and ultra-low phase distortion, it ensures that your audio remains true to its source while benefiting from the warmth and musicality that only PSP Audioware can deliver.

  • Shelf filters inspired by the acclaimed VintageWarmer
  • Inclusion of a mid-range filter with the same internal architecture
  • Adjustable high pass filter for complete program equalization
  • Optimized for group and mix processing
  • Ultra-low phase distortion for a natural sound

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