PSP Audioware oldTimerMB

PSP Audioware oldTimerMB

PSP Audioware oldTimerMB


PSP oldTimerMB is a vintage-inspired multi-band compressor, offering a warm and musical sound, ideal for track processing, buss/mix compression, and mastering.

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PSP oldTimerMB: Vintage Warmth in Modern Production

Introducing the PSP oldTimerMB, a vintage-style multi-band compressor that seamlessly blends the charm of classic compressors with the precision of modern technology. Whether you're working on individual tracks, buss/mix compression, or mastering, the PSP oldTimerMB is designed to deliver warmth and musicality to your mixes.

Rooted in Legacy

The PSP oldTimerMB is inspired by the algorithm of our renowned PSP oldTimer compressor, a best-seller known for its musicality. This multi-band version retains the character and warmth of its predecessor while offering more flexibility and control over different frequency bands, making it a versatile tool for any audio engineer or producer.

Additional Colour with Valve Emulation

One of the standout features of the PSP oldTimerMB is its switchable and adjustable output valve emulation. This allows users to add an extra layer of colour to their sound, reminiscent of classic analog gear. Whether you're looking for subtle warmth or a more pronounced vintage character, the valve emulation provides a range of tonal options to suit your needs.

Specifications for Seamless Integration:

Available for both MAC and WINDOWS platforms, the PSP oldTimerMB is compatible with a range of plugins, ensuring smooth integration into your audio processing workflow.


For those who appreciate the warmth and character of vintage compressors but require the flexibility of modern processing, the PSP oldTimerMB is the perfect solution. Its combination of classic sound, multi-band control, and valve emulation makes it a must-have tool for any serious audio professional.

  • Multi-band compressor with vintage character.
  • Switchable and adjustable output valve emulation for added warmth.
  • Designed for track processing, buss/mix compression, and mastering.
  • Warm and musical sound signature.
  • Based on the algorithm of the best-selling PSP oldTimer compressor.

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