PSP Audioware NobleQ

PSP Audioware NobleQ

PSP Audioware NobleQ


PSP NobleQ offers the warmth and musicality of classic passive program equalizers with modern features and extended functionality for a versatile EQ experience.

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Experience the Warmth of PSP NobleQ

Introducing the PSP NobleQ, a plug-in that seamlessly blends the characteristics of passive program equalizers with the versatility of modern enhancements. Designed to deliver the warmth and musicality of vintage EQs, the PSP NobleQ stands out with its unique features and impeccable sound quality.

Classic Sound with Modern Flexibility

At the heart of PSP NobleQ lies its ability to produce a warm and musical sound, reminiscent of classic hardware units. Its boost and attenuation low-shelf filters, combined with the high-frequency peak and shelf processing, ensure a rich and vibrant sound. The plug-in's FAT double sampling ensures a natural, analog-like response, further enhancing its sonic qualities.

Advanced Features for Precision Control

While the PSP NobleQ pays homage to classic EQs, it doesn't shy away from modern enhancements. The adjustable high pass filter and the ability to switch between "Boost" and "Attenuation" modes for the high peak and shelf filters provide users with more control over their sound. Additionally, the output features a valve-like rounding algorithm, allowing for adjustable processing depth and adding a touch of analog warmth to the output.

PSP NobleQex: The Extended Version

For those seeking even more versatility, the PSP NobleQex offers all the features of the PSP NobleQ, with the added benefits of an extra middle bell filter and an adjustable low-shelf dip frequency shift. This extended version ensures that users have all the tools they need for precise and musical EQ adjustments.


Whether you're looking to recreate the warmth of vintage EQs or seeking a versatile tool for modern production, the PSP NobleQ offers the best of both worlds. Its combination of classic sound and modern features makes it an indispensable tool for any audio professional.

  • Warm and musical sound reminiscent of classic passive program equalizers.
  • Boost and attenuation low-shelf filters for rich low-end processing.
  • FAT double sampling for a natural, analog-like response.
  • Adjustable high pass filter and high peak and shelf filter modes.
  • Output valve-like rounding algorithm for added warmth.
  • Extended version (PSP NobleQex) with additional middle bell filter and low-shelf dip frequency shift.

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