PSP Audioware Neon HR

PSP Audioware Neon HR

PSP Audioware Neon HR


PSP Neon HR is a versatile linear phase equalizer plug-in, designed for mastering and critical audio applications, offering pristine, transparent response with a user-friendly interface.

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PSP Neon HR: Precision Linear Phase EQ

The PSP Neon HR is a top-tier linear phase equalizer plug-in tailored for mastering and other critical audio tasks. With its frequency-domain fast convolution-based linear phase algorithms, it strikes the perfect balance between CPU efficiency and phase accuracy.

Feature-Rich and User-Friendly

Offering eight bands of equalization, each assignable to one of seven filter types, PSP Neon provides unparalleled flexibility. Whether you're looking for the pristine transparency of linear phase processing or the reduced latency of its Infinite Impulse Response (IIR) mode, PSP Neon has you covered.

Three Flavours for Varied Needs

Version 2 of PSP Neon is available in three distinct versions to cater to a wide range of requirements:

  • PSP Neon HR: High-resolution, compatible with version 1, ideal for the most demanding mastering tasks.
  • PSP Neon STD: Standard spectral resolution with reduced latency, perfect for general mastering.
  • PSP Neon MIX: Minimum-phase filters suitable for mixing, introducing minimal latency while retaining key features.

Advanced Features for Professionals

From its operation at high sample rates to its proprietary FAT mode, PSP Neon is packed with features. Its third-octave real-time spectrum analyzer, frequency-hunting, and EQ band soloing make it a powerhouse in any audio engineer's toolkit.

Specifications for Seamless Integration:

Available for both MAC and WINDOWS platforms, PSP Neon integrates seamlessly into your audio processing suite, supporting a range of plugins.


For those seeking a linear phase EQ that offers both precision and a user-friendly experience, the PSP Neon HR stands out as a top choice. Its range of features and versions ensures it's adaptable to any audio task, from mixing to mastering.

  • High sample rate operation (up to 192kHz).
  • Proprietary FAT mode for enhanced audio quality.
  • Independent processing for each stereo channel.
  • Stereo and Mid-Side operation modes.
  • High and Max resolution modes for high-fidelity applications.
  • Real-time third-octave spectrum analyzer.
  • Frequency and overtone-hunting for quick frequency adjustments.
  • Auto-zooming response plot.
  • EQ band soloing for focused adjustments.

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