PSP Audioware MasterComp

PSP Audioware MasterComp

PSP Audioware MasterComp


PSP MasterComp is a high-fidelity stereo dynamics processor designed for mastering compression and expansion, offering transparency and precision with advanced features for optimal audio processing.

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PSP MasterComp: Precision Stereo Mastering Dynamics Processor

The PSP MasterComp stands as a pinnacle in stereo dynamics processing, tailored for mastering compression and expansion. Designed for both Windows and Mac platforms, it boasts double-precision (64-bit floating point) and double-sampled processing through its unique FAT (Frequency Authentication Technique). This ensures unparalleled transparency even when subjected to extreme compression settings and high sample rates.

Two Versions for Varied Needs

The PSP MasterComp package comes with two distinct versions of the plug-in:

  • PSP MasterComp: Primarily aimed at mastering compression and expansion.
  • PSP MicroComp: Crafted for bus and track processing during the mixing phase.

Key Features:

  • Exceptional high-frequency transparency due to double-sampled processing.
  • Minimal distortion with the optional Smooth Level Detector algorithm.
  • Automatic attack and release times for ease of use.
  • Advanced side chain filtering, channel linking, and compression tilting controls.
  • Mix control for blending between processed and unprocessed signals.
  • High-quality brick wall output limiter with automatic release time.
  • Advanced PPM/VU meters with contextual readings and adjustable parameters.
  • Options for channel processing including Mid, Side, Left, Right, or Stereo.


PSP MasterComp is versatile, making it suitable for:

  • Mastering dynamics of a final mix.
  • Revitalising dynamics of main tracks, groups, and entire mixes during the mixing phase.
  • Providing classic analog-like smooth compression.
  • Enhancing transients for a punchier mix.

Specifications for Seamless Integration:

Available for both MAC and WINDOWS platforms, PSP MasterComp is compatible with a range of plugins, ensuring smooth integration into your audio processing workflow.


For professionals seeking a reliable and high-quality dynamics processor, the PSP MasterComp offers a blend of traditional and modern features, ensuring that your audio is mastered to perfection. Its intuitive design coupled with its advanced features makes it an indispensable tool in any audio engineer's toolkit.

  • High-fidelity stereo dynamics processing.
  • Double-precision and double-sampled processing.
  • Two versions: PSP MasterComp and PSP MicroComp.
  • Advanced side chain filtering and compression tilting controls.
  • High-quality brick wall output limiter.
  • Advanced PPM/VU meters with contextual readings.
  • Options for channel processing.

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