PSP Audioware Lexicon PSP42

PSP Audioware Lexicon PSP42

PSP Audioware Lexicon PSP42


The Lexicon PSP42 is a premium digital stereo delay and phrase sampler plug-in, inspired by the iconic Lexicon PCM42 processor. It offers enhanced features and flexibility, making it a top choice for modern audio production.

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Reviving a Legend: The Lexicon PSP42

The Lexicon PSP42 stands as a testament to the fusion of classic design and modern innovation. Drawing inspiration from the renowned Lexicon PCM42 processor, known for its unique sound and concept, the PSP42 brings this legendary sound to the digital realm with added versatility and features.

Enhanced Sonic Accuracy and Flexibility

While retaining the original's tape saturation algorithm and variable sampling rate delay line, the Lexicon PSP42 v.2 goes a step further. It offers precise modeling of the hardware's audio path, allowing users to decide the extent of the original character they wish to incorporate. From a pristine signal path to engaging the original hardware's limiters and emulating its A/D and D/A converters, the PSP42 offers a range of processing modes to suit every need.

Unprecedented Features

Version 2 introduces features that were unheard of in the original hardware. With extended delay times, adjustable filters, LFO tempo sync, and various forward and backward repeat options, the possibilities are vast. The plug-in even offers a unique Bypass button that retains the input limiter, adding a subtle coloration to the dry signals. All these features are neatly presented in an intuitive Extensions panel.

Unmatched Sound Quality

From delay-based effects to modulated sounds like flanging and chorus, the Lexicon PSP42 excels in delivering top-notch sound quality. Its modulation section, which alters delay time by changing the sampling rate, offers a range of effects from subtle animation to otherworldly sounds. The plug-in ensures smooth operation even with extreme settings, making it a go-to choice for professionals.

Endorsed by Lexicon

It's worth noting that the functionality and sound of the Lexicon PSP42 have received Lexicon's seal of approval, ensuring that users get an authentic experience that's true to the original's legacy.

  • High-quality signal processing algorithms
  • Extended delay time up to 28800 ms
  • Tape saturation emulation
  • Analog limiter, A/D and D/A converter emulation
  • Four limiter/saturation user modes
  • Low pass filter with adjustable cutoff frequency
  • Three modulation signal sources
  • LFO with free-running and tempo sync modes
  • Four record/playback directional modes
  • Phrase sampler capability
  • Support for up to 384 kHz sample rates
  • Comprehensive preset library

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