PSP Audioware InfiniStrip

PSP Audioware InfiniStrip

PSP Audioware InfiniStrip


PSP InfiniStrip is an advanced, infinitely configurable channel strip plug-in, designed for zero latency processing, making it ideal for live monitoring, broadcasting, and tracking.

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PSP InfiniStrip: The Ultimate Channel Strip Solution

The PSP InfiniStrip offers an unparalleled channel strip experience, drawing from PSP's two decades of expertise in crafting top-tier plug-ins for tracking, mixing, and mastering. Whether you're mixing, tracking, or live streaming, the InfiniStrip ensures impeccable sound quality without any latency concerns.

Modular Design for Maximum Flexibility

With 25 independent processors segmented into 8 module types, the InfiniStrip provides a vast palette of sound-shaping tools. Seven dedicated slots allow users to insert one module from each processing type, plus two flexible insert slots for any module type, enabling a truly customised signal chain.

Key Modules Include:

  • Preamps: Ranging from pure gain adjustments to various era-specific preamp emulations.
  • Filters: Basic to advanced filtering options, including side chain processing.
  • Dynamic Processors: Expander, gate, and ducker with built-in side chain filters.
  • Compressors: A selection of optical, FET, and VCA compressors.
  • Equalisers: General-purpose EQs to specialised versions of renowned PSP equalisers.
  • Limiters: From VCA to brick wall limiting options.
  • Special Modules: Unique tools like de-esser, de-hummer, and the new ReactivEQ dynamic equaliser.

Intuitive Workflow Enhancements

The InfiniStrip boasts intelligent parameter matching, allowing users to swap modules without adjusting settings, facilitating quick A/B comparisons. With three view modes, it caters to various workflows and screen sizes. The inclusion of over 230 presets, crafted by leading sound engineers, ensures a quick starting point for any task.


Available for both MAC and WINDOWS platforms, the PSP InfiniStrip integrates seamlessly into any DAW, supporting a wide range of plugins.


The PSP InfiniStrip stands out as a comprehensive channel strip solution, offering unparalleled flexibility and sound quality. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, the InfiniStrip is a valuable addition to any audio toolkit.

  • 25 independent processors for custom channel strip configurations.
  • Zero latency processing ideal for live applications.
  • Intelligent parameter matching for easy module swapping.
  • Three view modes catering to different workflows.
  • External side-chain support for each module.
  • Both Mono and Stereo plug-in versions included.
  • Over 230 expertly crafted presets.

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