PSP Audioware BussPressor

PSP Audioware BussPressor

PSP Audioware BussPressor


PSP BussPressor offers the distinct sound of classic VCA compression, tailored for group and master buss processing, with advanced features for modern production needs.

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Experience the Authenticity of PSP BussPressor

Introducing PSP BussPressor - a compressor meticulously designed for the demands of group and master buss processing. Drawing inspiration from the revered sound of classic VCA compression, BussPressor seamlessly marries vintage character with contemporary flexibility.

Classic Sound with Modern Versatility

At the heart of PSP BussPressor lies its ability to reproduce the iconic sound of vintage VCA compression. But it doesn't stop there. With its wide tuning capabilities, you can achieve everything from subtle dynamic control to aggressive tonal shaping. Whether you're aiming for a transparent leveling or a punchy enhancement, BussPressor delivers with precision.

Advanced Features for Detailed Sound Shaping

Beyond its core compression capabilities, PSP BussPressor boasts an array of advanced features. The sweepable sidechain filter allows for frequency-selective compression, making it easier to manage problematic elements in a mix. The tweakable auto-release ensures optimal release times regardless of the material. And with wet and dry controls, parallel compression becomes a breeze, granting you the ability to blend the compressed signal with the original for a more natural effect.

Zero Latency for Real-Time Applications

As part of our Zero Latency Processing series, PSP BussPressor is perfectly suited for real-time applications. Whether you're live monitoring, broadcasting in real-time, or simply tracking, BussPressor ensures instantaneous response, making it an indispensable tool in time-sensitive scenarios.


PSP BussPressor is not just another compressor. It's a testament to the timeless sound of classic VCA compression, enhanced with the tools and flexibility required by today's audio professionals. Dive in and experience the blend of vintage warmth and modern precision that is PSP BussPressor.

  • Optimized for group and master buss processing
  • Emulates the revered sound of classic VCA compression
  • Sweepable sidechain filter for frequency-selective compression
  • Tweakable auto-release for optimal release times
  • Wet and dry controls for parallel compression
  • Zero Latency Processing for real-time applications
  • Delivers excellent results at both subtle and extreme settings

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