PSP Audioware 2445 EMT

PSP Audioware 2445 EMT

PSP Audioware 2445 EMT


The PSP 2445 EMT is a reverb processor plug-in, meticulously crafted to emulate the sonic characteristics of the iconic EMT® 244 and EMT® 245 reverberators from the digital age's dawn.

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Recreating a Reverberation Legend: The PSP 2445 EMT

The PSP 2445 EMT stands as a testament to the fusion of classic design and modern innovation. Drawing inspiration from the legendary EMT® 244 and EMT® 245 reverberators, this plug-in captures the unique sonic essence of these early digital age marvels.

Authentic Emulation with Modern Enhancements

While the PSP 2445 EMT faithfully reproduces the characteristics of the original reverberators, it goes a step further by introducing a set of parameters that were not available in the original hardware. This allows users to control the sound's details and mix the reverb to their liking. Furthermore, the plug-in offers the flexibility to process using one or both of the engines simultaneously, providing a broader sonic palette.

Endorsed by EMT Studiotechnik GmbH

The reverb algorithms in the PSP 2445 EMT are rooted in the original algorithms crafted by Dr. Barry Blesser, a pioneer in the digital audio realm. With Dr. Barry's extensive consultation and guidance, the plug-in's algorithms not only match but also enhance the originals. This dedication to authenticity and quality has earned the PSP 2445 EMT the official endorsement from EMT Studiotechnik GmbH.

Between Springs and Plates

The sonic character of the PSP 2445 EMT comfortably bridges the gap between the best of Spring Reverbs and the renowned plates & chambers. Whether you're looking to add depth to vocals, drums, or any other instrument, this plug-in delivers a reverb that's both musical and versatile.

Legacy of Dr. Barry Blesser

It's worth noting that the algorithms underpinning the PSP 2445 EMT are based on the pioneering work of Dr. Barry Blesser. His involvement ensures that the plug-in not only captures the sound of the originals but also introduces enhancements that make it a valuable tool for modern audio production.

  • Emulates the iconic EMT® 244 and EMT® 245 reverberators
  • Offers a sonic character between Spring Reverbs and plates & chambers
  • Enhanced control parameters not available in the original hardware
  • Algorithms based on Dr. Barry Blesser's original designs
  • Officially endorsed by EMT Studiotechnik GmbH

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