PSI Audio A17-M (Front)

PSI Audio A17-M

PSI Audio A17-M

  • Very broad bandwidth in a compact cabinet.
  • Flat frequency response.
  • Optimised directivity by phase coherency.
  • Optional metal bracket.
  • Protection circuits with overload indicator.
  • Real balanced input.
  • Designed for stereo and multichannel monitoring.
  • Magnetically shielded for use close to video monitors.
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Near-Field Precision

A classic near-field precision monitor, the A17-M is the ideal entry model to the PSI Audio range. Perfectly suited for surround sound and near-field applications, the A17-M is ideal for studio application where the ultimate in precision is required. Its compact form incorporates the full range of PSI Audio’s outstanding technologies.

Studio-Optimised Crossover

The powerful bi-amplified output features the unique “AOI” output stages, while the active crossover, with integrated “CPR”, delivers unprecedented impulse behavior – with excellent stereo imaging. The crossover is also optimized for maximum phase coherence, projecting a wide horizontal and vertical ideal listening area.

Designed to work in harmony with the full range of A series monitors the A17-M also makes ideal rear speakers in a surround sound setup, or can be developed in to a more powerful system by adding the A225-M sub – thus protecting your investment.

Deep red finish

Very broad bandwidth in a compact cabinet

Flat frequency response

Optimised directivity by phase coherency

Protection circuits with overload indicator

Real balanced input

Designed for stereo and multichannel monitoring

Magnetically shielded for use close to video monitors

AOI Technology

ALG Technology

CPR Technology

PSC Technology

Power RMS: 80 + 40W

Program Power: 120W

Input Impedance: Sym, 10k Ohms

Sensitivity for 100 dB @ 1m: 0.775 V

Signal to Noise Ratio: -96 dBA

Continuous Max SPL@1m: 103 dB (single)

Input Overload: 24 Vpp

Program Max SPL@1m: 114 dB (pair)

Response at -6dB: 43 - 23000 Hz

Tolerances: ±2.5 dB (50Hz - 20kHz)

Distortion THD: < 1.5% (100Hz-12kHz)

Phase tolerances: ±45° (180Hz - 20kHz)

Dispersion (P.N. 4 - 16 kHz) at -6 dB: 90° x 90° (H x V)

System: 2 Way(s)

Crossover frequency: 3.0 kHz

Woofer's dim. Ext. / Diaphragm: Ø175 mm / Ø130 mm

Tweeter's dim. Ext. / Diaphragm: Ø100 mm / Ø25 mm

Connectors: 1 x XLR F / 3P

Signal input:  1=GND, 2=(+), 3=(-)

Material: MDF

Dimensions W x H x D mm: 200 x 320 x 230

Gross / Net Weight: 9.5 / 8.4 kg

Voltage: 115/230V (50-60Hz)

Consumption Standby-Quiescent-Max: 1.4 - 6 - 100W

Mean / Max Humidity: < 75% / < 90%

External Temperature: 5 - 40°C

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