NUGEN Stereoizer

NUGEN Stereoizer

NUGEN Stereoizer


The NUGEN Stereoizer is a specialised plug-in designed for stereo image manipulation. Whether you're working with a mono or stereo recording, this tool allows you to expand the stereo field while maintaining mono compatibility and avoiding unwanted artefacts.

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Masterful Stereo Imaging with Mono Compatibility

Detailed Stereo Extension

Stereoizer employs advanced algorithms based on human auditory perception, such as IID (Interaural Intensity Difference) and ITD (Interaural Time Difference), to adapt the characteristics of your audio. These algorithms work independently, offering you a wide range of control over the stereo field.

High Mono Compatibility

Ensuring your mix sounds great on mono systems is crucial. Stereoizer offers total mono compatibility without introducing artificial reverberation or other disruptive artefacts.

For Mixing and Sound Design

This plug-in is versatile enough to widen mono recordings or expand a narrow stereo mix. It adds richness and depth to your recordings without the need for heavy EQ or compression.

Post-Production and Restoration

Stereoizer is also useful for post-production tasks, such as enhancing ambience sounds or clearing space for dialogue. It can even breathe new life into old mono recordings.

Stereo Frequency Analysis

The plug-in features a visual analysis tool that displays deviations in your stereo field against frequency, allowing for frequency-conscious adjustments without the need for a separate analysis plug-in.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Stereo Mix

From subtle natural extension to more dramatic effects, the NUGEN Stereoizer offers a comprehensive solution for all your stereo imaging needs, without compromising the original character of your audio.

  • Natural panoramic extension
  • No unwanted artefacts
  • Retains original character of the audio
  • Highly mono compatible
  • Band-limited precision
  • Dynamic visual feedback
  • Add clarity and focus to your audio
  • Expand your stereo image from mono to super-wide

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