NUGEN Halo Downmix

NUGEN Halo Downmix

NUGEN Halo Downmix


The NUGEN Halo Downmix offers an advanced solution for precise downmixing of feature films. It provides a comprehensive toolset for surround balancing, mix monitoring, and sophisticated stereo fold-down, ensuring optimal compatibility and quality in both surround and stereo formats.

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NUGEN Halo Downmix: Precision Downmixing for Feature Films


The NUGEN Halo Downmix is a pivotal tool designed to enhance the downmixing process, ensuring compatibility and quality across surround and stereo formats. It acts as the cohesive element in your workflow, allowing for seamless delivery in both surround and stereo without any compromises.

Comprehensive Downmixing Capabilities

With Halo Downmix, you can achieve better downmixes by controlling excessive diffuse sound from artificial reverb and eliminating delay artefacts from rear channels. It provides a more coherent stereo mix, especially when the original surround mix used legacy upmixing practices.

Surround-to-Surround Fine-tuning

For situations where access to the original mix isn't available, Halo Downmix allows adjustments to existing 5.1 or 7.1 mixes in a surround-to-surround mode. This ensures that individual channels and the balance between direct and diffuse sound can be fine-tuned to perfection.

3D Immersive Extension

While not included in the base package, the 3D Immersive Extension for Halo Downmix offers the capability to downmix from 7.1.2, the format used for Dolby Atmos bed tracks.

Parallel Workflows & Interface

Used in tandem with the NUGEN Receive plug-in, Halo Downmix supports a parallel surround/stereo workflow, facilitating rapid A/B checks between the full surround mix and the stereo downmix. Its user-friendly interface, available in both advanced and compact modes, provides clear visualisation of surround energy distribution and intuitive controls for optimal downmixing.

Key Features

  • Downmixing from surround to stereo.
  • Surround re-balancing and fine-tuning.
  • Control of low-frequency content and dialog clarity.
  • Removal of delay artefacts and excess ambient sound.
  • In-place monitoring of surround and stereo.

Technical Specifications

  • Supported on macOS OSX 10.9 and Windows 7.
  • Memory requirement: 1 GB.
  • Plugin compatibility: VST-3, AU, AAX.

Key Features of NUGEN Halo Downmix

  • Downmixing from surround to stereo.
  • Surround re-balancing and fine-tuning.
  • Control of low-frequency content.
  • Maintaining dialog clarity.
  • Removal of delay artefacts.
  • In-place monitoring of surround and stereo.
Specification Details
Supported OS macOS OSX 10.9, Windows 7
Memory Requirement 1 GB
Plugin Compatibility VST-3, AU, AAX

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