NUGEN AMB Enterprise

NUGEN AMB Enterprise

NUGEN AMB Enterprise


The AMB Enterprise by NUGEN is a modular application designed for post-production facilities, offering a robust solution for audio management batch processing. It streamlines workflows, ensuring efficient upmixing, loudness management, and compliance with industry standards, all while maintaining the highest quality.

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NUGEN AMB Enterprise: Advanced Audio Management Batch Processing


The AMB Enterprise by NUGEN is a state-of-the-art modular application tailored for post-production facilities. It is designed to significantly accelerate workflows for various tasks, including upmixing and loudness management, ensuring that audio quality is never compromised.

Modular Capabilities

AMB offers a range of modules to cater to different post-production needs:

  • Loudness Core Module: Provides rapid file-based loudness profiling and correction in line with ITU-R BS. 1770 (CALM) and EBU R128 standards.
  • Upmix Core Module: Incorporates core technologies from NUGEN Audio’s acclaimed Halo Upmix plug-in for batch processing, ensuring high-quality automatic upmixing.
  • DynApt Extension: Enables dynamic adaptation in audio, preserving dialog clarity and streamlining content adaptation across various platforms.
  • ProRes and MXF Extensions: Facilitates native handling of PCM audio within various containers, ensuring smooth transitions of files.
  • Dolby E Extension: Allows native decoding and encoding of Dolby E files with full Dolby metadata support.
  • Enterprise Extension: Maximizes efficiency for larger network workflows with full automation, scripting, and reporting capabilities.

Efficiency for Workgroups

AMB is designed to save time and enhance the accuracy of compliance checking and correction. With its capability to automatically monitor output folders, it ensures that quality standards and compliance criteria are consistently met. Its scalability, with options to expand capacity, makes AMB a future-proof solution for bustling post-production environments.

Optimised for Ingest and Broadcast

AMB is perfect for automating the assessment of incoming third-party assets. Its expandability ensures it can handle high-throughput environments, making it ideal for repurposing content across various regions and platforms.

Key Features

  • Processing speeds typically over 100x real-time.
  • Support for multiple file formats.
  • Scalable modular architecture.
  • Options for loudness and upmixing.
  • Automated log generation.

Technical Specifications

  • Supported on macOS 10.9 or higher and Windows 7 or higher.
  • Memory requirement: 1 GB.

Key Features of NUGEN AMB Enterprise

  • Processing speeds typically over 100x real-time.
  • Support for multiple file formats.
  • Scalable modular architecture.
  • Options for loudness and upmixing.
  • Automated log generation.

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