NUGEN AMB Dolby E Module

NUGEN AMB Dolby E Module

NUGEN AMB Dolby E Module


The NUGEN AMB Dolby E Module offers native decoding and encoding of Dolby E files, seamlessly integrating with the Audio Management Batch (AMB) processing system. This module provides full Dolby metadata support, ensuring efficient repurposing of archived Dolby E content within contemporary workflows.

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NUGEN AMB Dolby E Module: Seamless Dolby E Processing


The NUGEN AMB Dolby E Module stands out as a pivotal component of the company's Audio Management Batch (AMB) processing system. Designed to natively decode and encode Dolby E files, this module ensures that users can effortlessly transition between Dolby E and PCM audio formats. With full Dolby metadata support, it's an indispensable tool for modern audio professionals.

Repurpose Archived Material

AMB is frequently employed to repurpose archived content. With the Dolby E module, users can seamlessly remake, remaster, and reintroduce content originally produced in the Dolby E format, ensuring it aligns with today's audio standards and workflows.

For Workgroups

AMB's automated monitoring of output folders ensures that any errors are promptly identified and rectified. Its multi-queue and folder capabilities facilitate the automated re-versioning of assets for diverse regions and standards. With options to expand capacity and integrate other extensions, AMB is a scalable and future-ready solution for bustling post-production settings.

For Ingest and Broadcast

AMB streamlines the assessment of incoming third-party assets. Its scalability ensures it can manage high-throughput environments, making it ideal for repurposing content across various platforms. With support for Dolby E, MXF, and ProRes extensions, AMB ensures smooth file transitions even in expansive MAM systems.

Key Features

  • Native batch processing of Dolby E for loudness, upmix, and dynamics.
  • Full support for Dolby Metadata and Dolby E programs.
  • Requires Loudness or Upmix Modules for operation.
  • Efficient encoding and decoding of Dolby E files to PCM.

Technical Specifications

  • Supported on macOS OSX 10.9 and Windows 7.
  • Audio Card requirement: AMB Loudness.

Key Features of NUGEN AMB Dolby E Module

  • Native batch processing of Dolby E.
  • Full Dolby Metadata support.
  • Seamless encoding and decoding between Dolby E and PCM.
  • Requires Loudness or Upmix Modules.
  • Integrated with the AMB processing system.

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