Neumann V 402

Neumann V 402

Neumann V 402


The Neumann V-402 is a dual-channel microphone preamplifier designed for the highest fidelity in both studio and live sound applications. Engineered to preserve the integrity of your sound, it offers transparent amplification with ultra-low noise and distortion.

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Uncompromising Sound Quality Rooted in Neumann Heritage

Heritage and Innovation: The Genesis of the V-402

The V-402 is Neumann's first-ever standalone microphone preamplifier, building upon decades of experience in microphone and studio equipment manufacturing. It is designed to meet the demands of modern recording environments while honouring the company's legacy of high-quality audio equipment.

Transparent Amplification with Specific Gain

The V-402 offers up to 60 dB of gain, utilising a carefully designed amplification circuit that aims for transparency. High-quality components and meticulous circuit design ensure that the original timbre and tonality of your microphone and source material are preserved.

Ultra-Low Noise and Distortion

The preamplifier employs a unique circuit topology that minimises electronic noise, boasting an impressive signal-to-noise ratio. This makes it ideal for critical recording applications where even the slightest noise or distortion could be detrimental.

DI Inputs for Instrumental Versatility

The V-402 features DI inputs, allowing for the direct connection of instruments like guitars and keyboards. These inputs are designed to handle high-impedance signals without colouration, providing a clean and unaltered pathway into your recording system.

Input Pads with -20 dB Reduction

Input pads are included for handling high-level audio sources, offering a -20 dB reduction. These pads provide additional headroom, ensuring that the preamplifier can accommodate a wide range of input levels without compromising sound quality.

Integrated Headphone Monitoring

An integrated headphone amplifier with its own volume control facilitates real-time monitoring. This feature allows both engineers and musicians to listen to the input signal directly, providing immediate feedback and enabling precise adjustments during recording sessions.

Dual-Channel Flexibility

The V-402 is a dual-channel preamplifier, allowing for two microphones to be amplified simultaneously. Each channel has its own set of controls, ensuring independent operation and flexibility in multi-mic setups.

Robust Construction for Longevity

The V-402 is built with a rugged metal chassis and high-quality internal components, designed for durability and long-term reliability in both studio and live sound environments.

  • Dual-channel microphone preamplifier
  • Transparent amplification
  • Ultra-low noise and distortion
  • Built-in headphone amplifier for real-time monitoring
  • High-quality construction for long-term reliability
Specification Details
Frequency Range<10 Hz to >100 kHz (-3 dB@ 40 dB Gain)
Mains Power Supply: Input Voltage; Frequency100-120 V and 220-240 V; 50 Hz/60 Hz
Power Consumptionmax. 25 W
Microphone Inputs: Connector2 x XLR 3 F
Microphone Inputs: Input Impedanceapprox. 3 kΩ
Microphone Inputs: Minimum Gain+20 dB (PAD off)
Microphone Inputs: Maximum Gain+60 dB (PAD off)
Microphone Inputs: Attenuation PAD Switchableoff/-20 dB
Microphone Inputs: Maximum Input Level (PAD off)+8 dBu
Microphone Inputs: Maximum Input Level (PAD on)+28 dBu
Microphone Inputs: EIN @ 60 dB Gain / 50 Ohm-129.4 dBu(A)
Microphone Inputs: EIN @ 40 dB Gain / 50 Ohm-129.2 dBu(A)
Microphone Inputs: THD Mic In @ 1kHz /40 dB Gain / +12 dBu0.00018%
Power Supply (P48, IEC 61938)48 V, max. ≥ 10 mA, switchable on/off
Hi-Z Inputs: Activeswitchable on/off
Hi-Z Inputs: Connector2 x Jack 6.3 mm (1/4”), mono, unbalanced (front)
Hi-Z Inputs: Input Impedance3.3 MΩ
Hi-Z Inputs: Maximum Input Level+21 dBu
Hi-Z Inputs: Minimum Gain0 dB (PAD off)
Hi-Z Inputs: Maximum Gain+40 dB (PAD off)
Bargraphs per Channel-24 dBu to +24 dBu in 6 dB steps
Bargraphs Peak Holdindication @ +24 dBu (hold time approx. 3 sec.)
Headphone Output: Mono/Stereoswitchable
Headphone Output: Connectorjack 6.3 mm (1/4”), stereo (front)
Headphone Output: Volume Controlfor left & right channel + Master
Headphone Output: Output Impedanceapprox. 2 Ω
Headphone Output: Maximum Output Level+20 dBu into 150 Ω load impedance
Outputs: Connector2 x XLR 3 M
Outputs: Output Impedanceapprox. 200 Ω
Outputs: Maximum Output Level+26 dBu into 1 kΩ load impedance
High Pass Filter60 Hz, 12 dB/oct, switchable on/off
Product Dimensions (height x width x depth)89mm x 483 mm x 242 mm
Weight6.2 kg
Operating Conditions0°C to +50°C; < 75% RH@ +40°C; non-condensing
Transport/Storage Conditions-25°C to +70°C; < 95% RH; non-condensing
Working Altitude< 2000 m
Ground Liftswitchable on/off

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