Lynx Aurora (n)

Lynx Aurora (n)

Lynx Aurora (n)

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The Lynx Aurora(n) is a revolutionary digital audio interface offering unparalleled audio quality and customisation options in a compact 1U format. Designed for modern studios, it sets a new industry standard in high-quality audio conversion.

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Lynx Aurora (n)

Unlocking the Future of Audio Conversion: Lynx Aurora(n) in Multiple Configurations

The Lynx Aurora(n) is a revolutionary leap in digital audio conversion technology. Designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern studios, this interface offers unparalleled audio quality and customisation options in a compact 1U format.

Introduction: Setting a New Standard

Building upon the legacy of Lynx Studio Technology's original Aurora interface, the Aurora(n) sets a new industry standard for high-quality audio conversion. Its modular design and future-proof architecture make it an investment in your studio's sonic excellence.

Modular Design for Customisation: Your Studio, Your Rules

The Aurora(n) features a unique LSlot design that allows for a range of upgradable modules.

A/D D/A Cards

The core of the Aurora(n) is its A/D D/A conversion capabilities. Each card provides 8 channels of analogue input and 8 channels of analogue output on DB25 connectors in Tascam format. You can install up to four of these cards to achieve a maximum of 32 inputs and 32 outputs.

LM-PRE4 Preamp Module

This module offers four channels of microphone preamplification with high-quality A/D conversion. It is ideal for studios that require pristine microphone capture and the convenience of having mic preamps integrated into the same unit.

LM-DIG Digital I/O Module

This module provides 16 input and 16 output channels of 24-bit AES/EBU digital audio, supporting sample rates from 44.1 kHz to 192 kHz. It uses two 25-pin female D-subs with a Yamaha digital I/O pinout.


This module provides 16 channels of ADAT optical I/O, supporting sample rates up to 48 kHz. It is a perfect solution for integrating the Aurora(n) into setups that already utilise ADAT technology.

LSlot Connectivity Options

The Aurora(n) features an LSlot design that allows you to swap out different connectivity cards. As of now, options include USB, Thunderbolt 3, Pro Tools HD, and Dante.

SynchroLock 2™

This is not an option card but a built-in feature that offers high-performance sample clock technology. It provides a significant reduction in jitter and ensures absolute accuracy. The word clock I/O provides one input and three outputs on BNC connectors.

High-Quality Audio Conversion: Clarity in Every Note

The Aurora(n) boasts 24 Bit - 192 kHz mastering-grade A/D and D/A conversion, capturing and playing back every nuance of your audio with utmost fidelity. Whether recording, mixing, or mastering, the Aurora(n) delivers pristine audio quality.

Direct Recording with MicroSD: Versatility in Application

The onboard 32-channel microSD recorder extends the Aurora(n)'s applications beyond the studio. For live sound engineers, it offers a straightforward solution for capturing performances. In the studio, it serves as a reliable backup, recording a duplicate of your session to safeguard against data loss.

Connectivity Options: Universal Compatibility

Designed to fit seamlessly into any studio setup, the Aurora(n) offers swappable USB, Thunderbolt, ProTools®|HD, and DANTE cards. This ensures compatibility with virtually any DAW and operating system.

Word Clock Module: Precise Synchronisation

The Aurora(n) features a 1-in 3-out word clock with Lynx’s second-generation SynchroLock 2™ technology, ensuring ultra-low jitter and high stability. This makes it an essential tool for studios requiring precise synchronisation between multiple digital devices.

Made in the USA: Quality You Can Trust

Designed and built in Southern California, each Aurora(n) unit undergoes rigorous quality control to meet the highest standards of performance and durability.

Consultation and Custom Configuration

Each unit is custom configured and soak tested before shipping to ensure full operation. We are available to consult on configurations and provide quotes on lead times.

  • Modular Design
  • 24 Bit - 192 kHz A/D and D/A Conversion
  • Onboard 32-Channel MicroSD Recorder
  • Multiple Connectivity Options
  • Audiophile-Grade Headphone Outputs
  • Made in the USA
Analogue Section Specifications
Line In (includes A/D Conversion)  
THD+N ‐113dB @1kHz
Dynamic range 119dB
Frequency response ±0.010dB, 20–20kHz
Crosstalk ‐130dB
Common mode rejection >80dB
Full‐scale trim settings +6dBV, 20dBu
Line Out (includes D/A Conversion)  
THD+N ‐108dB @1kHz
Dynamic range 120dB
Frequency response ±0.025dB, 20–20kHz
Crosstalk ‐130dB
Full‐scale trim settings +6dBV, 20dBu
Headphone Out (includes D/A Conversion)  
THD+N ‐107dB @1kHz
Dynamic range 120dB
Frequency response ±0.025dB, 20–20kHz
Crosstalk ‐120dB
Output level 18.4dBu
Output power Various depending on impedance


LM4 Module Section Specifications
Microphone Input (includes A/D conversion)  
THD+N -111dB @1kHz
EIN -129dBu A-weighted
Dynamic Range 116dB A‐weighted
Frequency Response +0.01 / -0.08dB, 20-20kHz
Crosstalk -127dB max.
Common Mode Rejection 75dB min.
Full-scale Input Level for A/D 28.7dBu
Input impedance 2.1k Ohm
Gain Settings 5.6dB/13.6dB to 68.6dB in 1dB steps
Pad attenuation 13.6dB
High-pass Filter 80Hz, 12 dB / octave
Connector Female XLR on Neutrik jack
Line Input (includes A/D conversion)  
THD+N -113dB @1kHz
Dynamic Range 119dB A‐weighted
Frequency response ±0.010 dB, 20–20kHz
Crosstalk -138dB max.
Common Mode Rejection 75dB min.
Full-scale Input Level for A/D 20dBu
Gain settings Fixed
Connector Female XLR on Neutrik jack
HI-Z input  
THD+N -109dB @1kHz
EIN -115dBu A-weighted
Dynamic Range 114dB A‐weighted
Frequency Response +0.01 / -0.05dB, 20-20kHz
Crosstalk -132dB max.
Full-scale Input Level for A/D 14.9dBu @5.6dB gain
Input impedance 1M Ohm unbal. (TS), 2M Ohm bal. (TRS)
Gain Settings Fixed 5.6dB/13.6dB to 68.6dB in 1dB steps
Connector TRS on Neutrik jack


Optional LM-DIG Digital I/O Module Specifications
Input and Output Channels 16 input and 16 output channels of 24-bit AES/EBU
Sample Rate Support 44.1 kHz to 192 kHz
Connectors Two 25-pin female D-subs, Yamaha digital I/O pinout

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