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Genelec "The Ones" 8341 Studio Monitors

  • Full-Size Waveguide: Integrated waveguide without discontinuities for excellent directivity and imaging.
  • Point Source - Separate midrange and tweeter drivers in the centre of a diffraction-free aluminium enclosure. Concealed dual woofers complete a unique coaxial design.
  • Horizontal or Vertical - Free orientation. No sonic compromise in either direction. Isopods for flexible tilt (included).
  • Compact Three-Way - The most compact three-way monitors with spectacular industrial design by Harri Koskinen. Woofers behind the waveguide extend directivity to low frequencies.
  • Setup & Calibrate - Network connectors for system building and GLM auto-calibration. Analog and digital inputs, universal power supply. Standard fixing points for flexible mounting.
  • Sustainable Production: Made in Finland using renewable energy and recycled aluminium. Intelligent signal sensing ensures lower power consumption and a longer life.

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