Focal Trio 11 BE (Pair)

Focal Trio 11 BE (Pair)

Focal Trio 11 BE (Pair)


The Focal Trio11 Be is a versatile 3-way studio monitor, boasting a 1" tweeter, a 5" woofer, and a 10" subwoofer. It provides a broad frequency spectrum from 30Hz to 40kHz (±3dB), allowing precise audio reproduction. Its innovative design facilitates both horizontal and vertical orientations, adapting to various studio layouts.

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Flagship Monitoring Precision

Advanced Three-Way Design

The Trio11 Be represents a culmination of Focal's technological advancements, offering a three-way monitor that delivers a powerful and revealing sound. Its design is ideal for both nearfield and midfield studio positions, providing flexibility for audio professionals.

Rotatable Midrange-Tweeter Module

This monitor features a unique rotatable module containing the midrange and tweeter, which ensures optimal alignment with the listener regardless of the monitor's orientation. This design aids in achieving a consistent and precise stereo image.

Revolutionary Focus Mode

The Trio11 Be is equipped with the versatile Focus Mode, which allows a seamless transition from a three-way to a two-way monitor configuration. Engaging Focus Mode tailors the frequency response to concentrate on the mid to high frequencies, crucial for scrutinising the details within a dense mix. This functionality is beneficial for music production where clarity in these frequencies is essential, providing an accurate reference for ensuring mix translation on varied playback systems. The mode is easily activated via the optional footswitch, offering flexibility in monitoring during the creative process.

Construction and Materials

The Trio11 Be is built with a heavily braced, foam-damped, front-ported MDF cabinet, featuring red-stained burl ash side veneers. The drivers are made from Focal's proprietary 'W' composite, ensuring lightness, damping, and rigidity for impeccable sound delivery.

Driver Technology

The monitor is equipped with a one-inch inverted-dome beryllium tweeter and newly designed midrange and woofer drivers, contributing to its exceptional sound quality and detail.

Integrated EQ and Connectivity

An integral three-band EQ on the rear panel allows for precise tonal adjustments, while a balanced XLR input and footswitch socket offer additional versatility and control in studio setups.

Historical Development

The Trio11 Be is part of Focal's esteemed SM6 line, following the lineage of the pioneering SM9 and Trio6 Be monitors. It continues the brand's tradition of combining innovative technology with practical features for professional audio production.

  • Three-way monitor with 1" tweeter, 5" woofer, and 10" subwoofer
  • Frequency response from 30Hz to 40kHz (±3dB) for full-spectrum audio reproduction
  • Rotatable midrange-tweeter module for flexible positioning
  • Heavy bracing and foam-damping for robust build quality
  • 'W' composite driver material for optimal sound delivery
  • Three-band EQ for environmental adaptation
  • Balanced XLR input and footswitch socket for connectivity
Specification Detail
Frequency Response 30Hz–40kHz (±3dB)
Maximum SPL 118dBSPL (peak at 1 m) in 3-way mode, 105dBSPL (peak at 1 m) in 2-way mode
Driver Configuration 1" tweeter, 5" midrange, 10" subwoofer
Input Type/Impedance Electronically balanced/10 kohms
Connectors XLR
Dimensions 25″ x 17.7″ x 13.1″
Weight 82.2 lbs
Rotatable Baffle 360º rotating baffle
Input Sensitivity Switchable between +4dBu or -10dBu
EQ Adjustment ±3dB across frequency bandwidth

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