Ferrofish Pulse 16 Front and Rear

Ferrofish Pulse 16

Ferrofish Pulse 16


The Ferrofish Pulse16 offers a detailed conversion of 16 x 16 studio-grade balanced analogue channels up to 96kHz to ADAT I/O, ensuring optimal sound quality and flexibility in studio setups.

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Comprehensive AD/DA Conversion

The Ferrofish Pulse16 provides a precise conversion of 16 x 16 studio-grade balanced analogue channels up to 96kHz to ADAT I/O, catering to the demands of modern audio processing.

Detailed Audio Processing

Equipped with Low Latency converters and a temperature-compensated clock, the Pulse16 ensures a clear audio signal throughout the conversion process. The integrated jitter reduction Phase Locked Loop (PLL) further refines sound clarity, making it suitable for professional audio tasks.

Intuitive User Interface

The Pulse16's two TFT screens offer a clear view of configurations and settings, allowing users to make accurate adjustments efficiently.

Versatility in Expansion

The Pulse16's design allows for the addition of MADI I/O through a MADI-SFP module, ensuring adaptability to future studio requirements.

Internal Routing and Monitoring

The Pulse16's internal routing matrix manages all 48 x 48 analogue and digital channels, directing audio signals precisely. Additionally, any channel can be selected for headphone output, facilitating instant audio monitoring.

Future-Proofing with Optional Upgrades

With an SFP port for potential MADI upgrades and the capability for 192kHz operation, the Pulse16 is prepared for evolving studio needs.

Technical Excellence

The Pulse16 utilises the latest converter generation from Cirrus Logic, combined with an active digital jitter reduction circuit, to deliver detailed resolution and superior sound quality.

  • Precise conversion of 16 x 16 studio-grade balanced analogue channels to ADAT I/O
  • Low Latency converters with temperature-compensated clock
  • Jitter reduction Phase Locked Loop (PLL) for enhanced sound clarity
  • Two TFT screens for intuitive configuration
  • Expandability with MADI I/O through MADI-SFP module
  • Internal routing matrix for managing 48 x 48 analogue and digital channels
  • Headphone output for instant audio monitoring
  • Utilises the latest converter generation from Cirrus Logic
Feature Specification
Analog I/O 16 x 16 balanced TRS, max 192kHz
Word Clock I/O BNC with 75 Ohm internal termination
MIDI I/O For Remote Control and MIDI-over-MADI
SFP PORT Optional MADI module

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