Ferrofish Pulse 16 DX  Front

Ferrofish Pulse 16 DX

Ferrofish Pulse 16 DX

  • 16 x analogue inputs (TRS)
  • 16 x analogue outputs (TRS)
  • 4 x ADAT I/O (32 x 32 channels)
  • 1 x MADI I/O (64 x 64 channels)
  • 1 x Dante I/O (64 x 64 channels)
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16 x 16 AD/DA Converter (ADAT/MADI/Dante) 

The Pulse 16 DX is a high-quality and affordable AD/DA converter from German manufacturer Ferrofish, offering 16 x 16 studio-grade, balanced analogue inputs and outputs to and from ADAT, MADI and Dante – probably the most widely used digital audio interfaces available.  

In addition to its studio-grade analogue inputs and outputs, the Pulse 16 DX offers an impressive number of digital interfaces - ready for any task.  

All equipment, whether analogue, ADAT, or MADI is brought together into the device, and can be distributed over a sophisticated routing matrix in groups of 8 channels.  

And that’s not all: The Dante interface with 64 x 64 channels (also integrated into the routing matrix), redundantly implemented via two RJ45 sockets, connects the Pulse 16 DX to the network: Dante opens up a new dimension of flexibility.  

No matter which analogue or digital signals are to be connected: the Pulse 16 DX is your faithful friend in the studio or out on tour. 

Up to 64 x 64 channels (or 16 x 16 channels at 192kHz) can be transmitted over a single optical MADI cable pair, making high-end multichannel recording simple. Alongside the MADI I/O, numerous ADAT channels are also provided: At 96kHz, 4 x 4 ADAT ports transfer 16 x 16 channels. 

Packed in a compact 1U enclosure, the Pulse 16 DX delivers studio levels of up to +20dBu (individually adjustable in 1dB steps) via its 32 TRS connectors, whilst the low-latency converters - accompanied by a temperature-compensated clock and jitter reduction PLL - guarantee crystal-clear, transparent sound. 

Configuring the device from the front panel is a breeze thanks to the two TFT screens. No need to consult the manual - all information is displayed clearly and easily found via the Pulse 16 DX’s menu system, all of which can also be remote-controlled via MIDI using Ferrofish’s RemoteFish control software. 

The headphone output can be set to monitor any analogue or digital input or output: ideal for monitoring and troubleshooting.  

Internal Routing Matrix 

All 176 x 176 analogue and digital channels of the Pulse16 DX are brought together in groups of 8 using the internal routing matrix. For easy monitoring, any channel, mono or stereo, can be selected for headphone output. 

Dual TFT Screens 

 Keep track of all 32 analogue channels at any time, with all input and output levels visible via the front panel’s two TFT screens. Status information and other functions are presented clearly and intuitively via the onboard menu system, so no need to consult the manual.  

 MADI Interface 

The Pulse 16 DX has a modular MADI interface: The MADI SFP slot is equipped with an optical LC multimode module (included), which can be replaced, for example, by a Singlemode module, or a BNC connection (sold separately). In addition to the 64 x 64 audio channels, a MIDI signal is also embedded, which can be used for device control and for routing to the MIDI I/O connections. 

Digital Format Conversion 

 The Pulse 16 DX can also function as a flexible digital audio format converter -  freely converting between ADAT, MADI and Dante (in blocks of 8 channels) - making it easy to bring your ADAT and MADI gear onto a Dante network, or route your Dante channels back out as MADI etc. 

 Exceptional sound quality 

The most recent converter generation from Cirrus Logic combines with an active digital jitter reduction circuit, resulting in highly detailed resolution and exceptional overall sound quality.  

Whether you're working in 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 96 kHz or 192 kHz – the Ferrofish Pulse 16 DX can deliver a full complement of 16 x 16 channels at the highest quality.  

Remote Control via RemoteFish (Mac/PC) 

Remote control your Ferrofish Pulse 16 DX via MIDI with Ferrofish’s RemoteFish software, available as a free download for both Mac and PC.  

RemoteFish provides an extended user interface for control over all input and output gains, channel routing, adjusting settings, and saving and loading presets, including control over multiple Ferrofish devices. 

  • 16 x analogue inputs (TRS)
  • 16 x analogue outputs (TRS)
  • 4 x ADAT I/O (32 x 32 channels)
  • 1 x MADI I/O (64 x 64 channels)
  • 1 x Dante I/O (64 x 64 channels)
  • 2 x TFT screens display for control over all levels and system settings
  • Wordclock I/O (BNC) 
  •  1 x MIDI I/O
  • Sample Rates up to 192 kHz / 24 Bit
  • Remote control via MIDI
  • Proprietary circuit for active jitter reduction
  • Headphone Output
  • Fan-less design – no noise!
  • 1HE, 19“ solid metal chassis
  • Software Control via RemoteFish (Mac / PC)

Dante I/O: 

  • 2 x RJ-45 Ethernet connector (CAT5/6 cables),
  • 64 x 64 channel Brooklyn II board built-in.

MADI I/O (AES10): 

  • SFP port for MADI optical Multimode or Singlemode SFP module
  • 64 channels @32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz
  • 32 channels @64kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz
  • 16 channels @128kHz, 176.4kHz, 192kHz
  • Support of MIDI over MADI.
  • Latency: 2 samples


  • 4 x 4 optical ports
  • 32 channels @32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz
  • 16 channels @64kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz
  • Latency: 2 samples

Word Clock I/O: 

  • BNC: 1 x input, 1 x output
  • 75 Ohm Termination switchable for input

 MIDI I/O:  

  • 2 x DIN5 connector for remote control of the unit
  • Conversion MIDI <> MIDI over MADI possible (MADI MX option required.)

A/D converter:  

  • 2 x CS5368 (Cirrus Logic)

D/A converter:  

  • 2 x CS4365 (Cirrus Logic)

Inputs (analogue):  

  • 16 x TRS ¼” (6.3mm), female 
  • Digital sensitivity: +20dBu...-8dBu in single steps of 1dB 
  • Latency: @48kHz: 7.8/fs, 0.16ms, @96kHz: 5.4/fs, 0.06ms, @192kHz: 6.6/fs, 0.03ms

Outputs (analogue):  

  • 16 x TRS ¼” (6.3mm), female 
  • Digital gain: +20dBu...-8dBu in single steps of 1dB 
  • Latency: @48kHz: 12/fs, 0.25ms, @96kHz: 9/fs, 0.09ms, @192kHz: 5/fs, 0.03ms


  • RC4580  

LCD Displays: 

  • 2 x TFT Colour Screens for the complete control of all analogue I/O levels and all settings of the unit
  • One Key Control provides an easy control of all functions.
  • Multi language help pages guides available


  • 1 x ¼” (6.3mm) TRS jack, stereo 
  • Selectable mono or stereo source 
  • Digitally controlled volume level

Additional Features: 

  • SMUX4 with 192 kHz operation (requires installed MADI option).
  • Delay-compensation for MADI chain (requires installed MADI option).
  • MIDI over MADI Preset Management (requires installed MADI option)


  • Digitally controlled PLL with active jitter reduction
  • Output jitter: 50ps ... 100ps typ.

Internal Clock: 

  • TCXO (temp. compensated oscillator) with high accuracy.
  • Initial accuracy: +/-1.5ppm
  • Over temperature range: +/-2.5ppm
  • Aging: +/-1ppm


  • Polyfuse, internal, self-resetting

 Power Supply: 

  • 12V, 3A
  • 1 x input jack with screw lock.
  • Power required: 12VA in operation, 0,1VA in standby mode (Efficiency Level VI)
  • Internal resettable polyfuse
  • 1 x power supply included


  • Width 1U (19” rack unit)
  • Height 1U 
  • Depth: 19cm (7.5”) (jack dimensions included)


  • 2 kg (4.4lbs)


  • +5° to +45° celsius


  • < 75%, non-condensing

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