Eventide Omnipressor

Eventide Omnipressor

Eventide Omnipressor

The Omnipressor is a pioneering dynamics processor that offers a wide range of dynamic modification capabilities. As a recreation of the first dynamics processor ever introduced, it provides an array of controls for compression, expansion, and even dynamic reversal.
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The Original Dynamics Processor Reimagined

The Omnipressor stands as a landmark in the history of audio processing. Introduced in the early 1970s, it was the first of its kind and has since set the standard for dynamic modification.

Comprehensive Dynamic Control

The Omnipressor offers variable control of all aspects of dynamic modification, from extreme expansion to infinite compression. Its Function control allows for a continuous range of ratios, making it a highly versatile tool for any audio project.

Unique Features for Creative Sound Design

With its Dynamic Reversal feature, the Omnipressor can reverse a sound's envelope, making loud sounds quiet and vice versa. This unique attribute sets it apart from other compressors and expanders, offering a near-unique capability in the realm of dynamic processing.

A Legacy of Innovation

Originally invented by Eventide's founder, Richard Factor, and later redesigned by John Paul, the Omnipressor has been a favourite among leading producers and engineers. Its enduring popularity is a testament to its groundbreaking features and reliable performance.

  • Comprehensive dynamics processing
  • Dynamic Reversal for unique sound manipulation
  • Function Control for variable compression and expansion ratios
  • Variable attack and release time controls
  • Maximum gain and attenuation settings
  • Side Chain functionality
  • Gating and Expansion features
  • Limiting capabilities
  • Intuitive interface
  • Dozens of presets for quick exploration

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