Empirical Labs EL8XM

Empirical Labs EL8X Distressor

Empirical Labs EL8X Distressor

An industry-standard outboard compressor that seamlessly blends vintage warmth with modern versatility. Including British Mode and Stereo Image Link
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Designed to fulfil multiple roles, from subtle dynamic control to creative sound shaping, the Distressor bridges the gap between vintage character and contemporary flexibility. Its wide-ranging capabilities make it a go-to solution for studios, live sound, and broadcast applications.

Unique Compression Curves

The Distressor boasts eight selectable compression curves, each meticulously designed to offer a distinct sonic signature. From the subtle 1:1 ratio that gently warms up the signal with low-order harmonics, to the aggressive "Nuke" setting that serves as a brick wall limiter, the Distressor provides unparalleled flexibility. The "Opto" setting mimics the smooth, natural compression of an optical compressor, ideal for vocals and acoustic instruments.

Distortion Modes

The Distressor's three selectable distortion modes offer additional colouration options. These modes are not mere emulations; they are intricate algorithms that capture the essence of vintage gear. Distort 2 mode provides tube-like 2nd order harmonics, ideal for adding warmth to vocals or bass. Distort 3, on the other hand, focuses on 3rd harmonics, simulating the saturation characteristics of analogue tape.

British Mode

Inspired by a unique configuration on the classic UREI LN1176 limiter, the British Mode is an aggressive sound setting that alters the unit's attack and release characteristics. This mode can be applied to any of the ratios, offering a new envelope shape and a more pronounced knee, making it perfect for adding punch to drums or taming transient-heavy material.

  • Unique Feature Set
  • Warm, Vintage Sound
  • Eight Unique Compression Curves
  • Three Distortion Modes
  • British Mode for Aggressive Sound
  • Stereo Image Link Option
  • Wide Frequency Response (2 Hz to 160 kHz)
  • Dynamic Range of 110 dB in 1:1 mode
Feature Specification
Frequency Response 2 Hz to 160 kHz
Dynamic Range 110 dB in 1:1 mode
Distortion Ranges between .02% and 20%
I/O DC Coupled input and outputs
Time Constants Attack range 50uS – 50mS, Release range .05 sec to 3.5 seconds
Power Consumption 15 Watts Max

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