DPA d:dicate™ ST2006A Kit

DPA d:dicate™ ST2006A Twin Diaphragm Omni Microphone Matched Pair

DPA d:dicate™ ST2006A Twin Diaphragm Omni Microphone Matched Pair


The ST2006A stereo set, part of the distinguished d:dicate™ Recording Microphone series, offers a matched pair of 2006A Twin Diaphragm Omnidirectional Microphones. Designed for superior stereo recording, these microphones capture sound with remarkable detail and depth, making them ideal for studio sessions and live performances where accurate stereo imaging is crucial.

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ST2006A Stereo Set: Precision and Authenticity in Stereo Recording

Advanced Twin-Diaphragm Capsule Technology

The ST2006A set features the advanced Twin-Diaphragm Capsule technology, offering a balanced sound with fast impulse response and a broad frequency bandwidth. This technology ensures a natural and detailed sound profile, perfect for capturing the true essence of a performance.

Modular Flexibility and Upgradability

As part of the d:dicate Recording Mics series, the 2006A microphones offer modular flexibility. They can be easily combined with different DPA capsules or preamps, allowing for a customisable recording experience to suit various acoustic environments and preferences.

Acoustic Authenticity and Linear Frequency Response

The 2006A microphones excel in delivering an authentic acoustic fingerprint. They are particularly adept at capturing instruments like pianos, guitars, and wind instruments, as well as choirs, thanks to their linear frequency response and impeccable precision.

Redefining Value with Reference to DPA 4006

The 2006A microphones draw inspiration from the acclaimed DPA 4006, offering a similar sound character and design. They redefine value for money by delivering premium-class performance at a more accessible price point, making high-quality recording achievable for a wider range of users.

Supplied in a Protective Peli™ Case

The ST2006A stereo pair comes in a specially designed Peli™ Case, ensuring the microphones are well-protected and easy to transport, making them a reliable choice for both studio and field recordings.

  • Advanced Twin-Diaphragm Capsule Technology for balanced, natural sound
  • Modular design, allowing easy combination with other DPA capsules or preamps
  • Linear frequency response, ideal for accurately capturing a wide range of instruments
  • Draws on the acclaimed sound character and design of the DPA 4006
  • Delivers premium-class performance, redefining value for money
  • Perfect for capturing piano, guitar, wind instruments, and choirs
  • Suitable as a main AB stereo pair with tailored high-frequency response
  • Comes with a durable and protective Peli™ Case for safe storage and transportation
Specification Detail
Directional Pattern Omnidirectional
Principle of Operation Pressure
Cartridge Type Pre-polarized condenser, Twin Diaphragm Capsule
Frequency Range 20 Hz - 20 kHz
Frequency Range, ±2 dB 50 Hz - 20 kHz with typ. 2 dB soft boost at 14 kHz
Sensitivity, Nominal, ±2 dB at 1 kHz 40 mV/Pa; -28 dB re. 1 V/Pa
Equivalent Noise Level, A-weighted Typ. 16 dB(A) re. 20 µPa (max. 18 dB(A))
Switchable Attenuator 0 dB / -20 dB
Output Impedance < 200 Ω
Output Balance Principle Impedance balancing with Active Drive
CMRR (Common Mode Rejection Ratio) > 60 dB
Power Supply 48 V Phantom power (±4 V for full specifications)
Current Consumption 2.8 mA
Polarity +V at Pin 2 for positive sound pressure
Connector XLR-3M. Pin 1: shield, Pin 2: signal + phase, Pin 3: - phase
Weight 160 g (5.6 oz)
Operating Temperature Range -40 to 45°C (-40 to 113°F)
Relative Humidity Up to 90%

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