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Dangerous Music MASTER

Mastering Console
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Continuing the Legacy of World-Renowned Custom Mastering Consoles

For years the top mastering engineers at the hottest mastering facilities have been using custom-designed tools that were not available to the public.

Until now.

The Dangerous Master was designed for Mastering Engineers, by Mastering Engineers, with years of testing and fine-tuning in the real world: virtually identical to the custom consoles previously available only to the elite.

The Master provides insert loops, sum & difference processing, level offset, and stereo image width control to unify high-quality outboard equalizers and compressors into a professional mastering rig.

Designed by mastering engineers
Pristine audio quality
Integrated sum & difference processing
Mastering engineers are well known for having the most nuanced and detailed hearing on the planet, so what is it about the Master that they love so much?

Mastering is the last step in the record making process- the final opportunity for the music’s success or failure. These fine finishing details will ultimately allow the track to “translate” across multiple sources like an iPod, Car Stereo, Home Hi Fi, Club Systems or not. If the engineer cannot hear everything, neither will the end listener.

The sound of the Dangerous Master is transparent, yet musical. While achieving ruler flat specifications on paper is possible, the result is often cold and sterile. The marriage of specs and musicality is the ultimate goal- but due to the complexity, remains frustratingly elusive. Fortunately, Chris Muth, the equipment designer for many of the world’s top mastering facilities has this gift and the experience. No other audio company shares this pedigree: real world testing and fine-tuning amidst some of the world’s greatest studios and ears.

Hand built with premium components
Stepped controls throughout
Transparent and silent operation
Seamless connection with the Dangerous Monitor and Liaison
As the control room centerpiece, the Master ties together equalizers, compressors, limiters, de-essers, provides level control accurate to .01 dB, matrix processing and stereo image control.

The integrated Input Monitor Offset eliminates the level bias of the pre-effected and post-process, thus allowing the engineer to completely focus on the final product.

The S&M matrix is an analog sum and difference processor affording unprecedented control of stereo signals. Mastering engineers will enjoy the fact that S&M allows them to save previously unsalvageable tracks by altering vocal levels without touching the mix, by fixing overly wide or narrow stereo fields, or untouched.

The Dangerous Master, combined with the Dangerous Monitor and outboard processing gear, consummate the definitive mastering studio: unsurpassed ergonomics and unrivaled sound. Proven every day in the field, by the greatest engineers of our time.

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