D16 Total Bundle

D16 Total Bundle

D16 Total Bundle


The D16 Total Bundle is a comprehensive collection of professional audio plugins, encompassing everything from vintage Roland classic emulations and advanced delay units to flagship synthesizers like the LuSH-101. Designed for music producers and audio engineers, this bundle provides an extensive range of tools for enhancing and crafting unique sounds in various genres.

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Unleash Your Creative Potential with the D16 Total Bundle

Premium Vintage Emulations

Discover the nostalgic charm of iconic Roland drum machines and synthesizers through the D16 Total Bundle. Each plugin is a tribute to the analog era, offering authentic, warm sounds combined with the precision of digital control. This bundle is perfect for artists aiming to blend classic tones with contemporary music production.

Advanced Synthesis and Sound Design

LuSH-101 stands out as a masterpiece in this collection, known for its layered, rich textures and intuitive design. This synthesizer is an essential tool for diverse sound creation, from pulsating basses to immersive pads. The bundle's array of synthesizers expands your creative horizons, inviting experimentation and innovation in sound design.

Dynamic Delay and Modulation Effects

Dive into the depths of delay and modulation with Sigmund and Repeater. These plugins enable the creation of intricate, tempo-synced patterns and echoes that add complexity and texture to any composition. The effects range from subtle to dramatic, suitable for crafting both rhythmic intricacies and ambient soundscapes.

Realistic Reverb and Ambience

The bundle's reverbs, including Toraverb 2 and Spacerek, are engineered to emulate real spaces. They offer a spectrum of ambient settings, from intimate rooms to grand halls, ideal for adding spatial depth to your mixes. These tools are vital for achieving professional, polished sound in any genre.

Innovative Modulation and Filtering

Godfazer and Antresol are standouts for modulation, offering a wide array of phasing, flanging, and chorus effects. These effects transform ordinary sounds into extraordinary auditory experiences. The bundle’s modulation tools are crucial for adding unique character and flair to any track.

Comprehensive Mixing and Mastering Suite

Completing the bundle are state-of-the-art mixing and mastering tools, designed to refine and enhance your tracks. From precision equalisation to dynamic range control, these plugins offer everything needed for a polished, professional final product. They are the secret weapon for producers seeking to take their music to the next level.

Empower Your Production Journey

The D16 Total Bundle is a gateway to unparalleled sonic realms. It equips music producers and sound designers with an arsenal of tools that redefine the limits of audio creativity. Whether shaping the soundscapes of tomorrow or breathing new life into classic genres, this bundle is your companion on the journey towards sonic excellence. Explore the possibilities and elevate your sound with the D16 Total Bundle now.

  • Vintage Roland Classic Emulations
  • SilverLine Effects
  • High-Quality Sigmund and Repeater Delay Units
  • Flagship LuSH-101 Synthesizer
  • Authentic Real-World Space Simulation with Spacerek
  • Triple Delay Line Chorus Unit in Syntorus 2
  • Godfazer's Multi-Modulation Effects
  • Tube Circuit Emulation in Redoptor 2
  • Advanced Analog Modelling in Fazortan 2
  • Customizable Reverb with Toraverb 2
  • Step Sequencer-Style Tap-Delay in Tekturon
  • Dual Delay Powerhouse in Repeater
  • Kick Drum Synthesis in PunchBOX
  • Drum Machine Emulations (Nepheton, Drumazon 2, Nithonat)
  • Classic 303 Emulation with Phoscyon
  • Iconic Stomp Box Flanger in Antresol

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