D16 Nepheton

D16 Nepheton

D16 Nepheton


Experience the authentic recreation of the iconic 808 drum machine with D16 Nepheton. Featuring 17 fully synthesized modules and flexible output options, Nepheton captures every nuance of the classic drum machine, enhanced with modern control and deep sound-shaping capabilities.

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D16 Nepheton: A Tribute to the Legendary 808

Advanced Synthesis Technology

Nepheton brings the 808 into the modern era with 17 fully synthesized modules. Each module is crafted to replicate the original sounds, while offering additional controls for in-depth tone shaping and envelope tweaking.

Flexible Outputs and Module Control

With 12 individual outputs, each module in Nepheton can be routed for precise sound sculpting in your DAW. Enjoy both mono and stereo output options, including the classic Trigger output, with full configuration flexibility.

Intuitive MIDI Control and Sequencing

Nepheton's extensive MIDI control capabilities make it a versatile tool in any setup. Trigger individual modules or use the internal sequencer for pattern creation, all with easy MIDI Learn functionality for quick parameter adjustments.

Internal Sequencer with Creative Options

The internal sequencer in Nepheton offers simple and extended pattern banks for a variety of creative possibilities. Utilize the Randomizer for spontaneous pattern creation and enjoy the shuffle knob for rhythmic variety.

User-Friendly Pattern Sharing and Editing

Patterns and banks in Nepheton are stored in XML format, allowing for easy sharing and editing. Exchange patterns with other users or tweak them in a text editor for collaborative creativity.

  • 17 fully synthesized drum modules emulating the classic 808
  • Enhanced sound control for each module
  • Dynamic output assignment including Master and Trigger Output
  • True disable/off mutes and solos for CPU efficiency
  • Comprehensive MidiCC control with quick MidiLearn
  • Internal sequencer with 96 simple and 16 extended patterns
  • Shuffle and Randomizer features for dynamic pattern creation
  • Patterns exportable and editable as XML files
  • Two sync modes: DAW tempo and internal clock sync
System Requirements
Mac OS OS X 10.7 to 10.15, 4 GB Memory, Intel 1.5 GHz (2.0 GHz recommended), VST-2, AU, AAX
Windows OS Windows 7 or newer, 4 GB Memory, 1.5 GHz SSE (2.0 GHz multicore recommended), VST-2, AAX

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