More than just gear

As a business, we believe that when you work in a team, you can achieve far more than on your own. Our services are built around this idea. We provide expert understanding of the tools we sell, so you can apply them to your productions and projects and get to where you need to be faster.

Speak to us about your latest project - let us see if we can help you.

Consultation Services

Looking for expert guidance on your next project? Our consultations are designed to provide you with the insights you need to make the best choices for your setup. Whether it's selecting the right gear or optimising your existing system, we're here to help.

One-on-one tuition

Our tuition plans are based around your music and what you want to achieve. We focus in the core skills you need to improve your production and make your music sound better. Learn more here.

Education Workshops

For larger groups and educational establishments, we can provide workshops and demo days. These give you the opportunity to learn techniques from the masters or experience the latest tools our partners have to offer.

Studio Installations

We build studios too. We handle all aspects of this from the start. We offer consultancy and help planning, through to procurement and installation of cabling, equipment and acoustics. What ever stage you're at, speak to us and we can help.


Our business comes from a love of sound and doing it right. We know how important sound is to create an atmosphere. Our systems sound amazing and are easy to manage so you can concentrate on providing the best experience for your clients. Learn more here.

Not quite what you're after? Drop us a line and have a chat about what you're trying to do.