Chandler Limited Abbey Road Series - TG2-500 Mono Microphone Pre Amp - 500 series Format

Chandler TG2-500

Chandler TG2-500


The Chandler Limited TG2-500 Pre Amp is a modern recreation of the historic EMI TG12428 pre amp, renowned for its use in EMI/Abbey Road Studios. This 500 Series module brings the distinctive sonic characteristics of the original unit, celebrated on iconic albums, into contemporary studio environments.

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Iconic Vintage Sound in a Modern Package

Historical Pedigree

The TG2-500 Pre Amp pays homage to the legendary EMI TG12428, a cornerstone of the sound behind timeless records from Abbey Road Studios. This piece of history is now encapsulated in a 500 Series format, offering the classic, rich tones to a new generation of audio engineers and producers.

Authentic Replication

Chandler Limited has meticulously replicated the discrete, transformer-balanced amplifiers of the original TG series, delivering a preamp with a creamy, smooth tone and a clear, open top-end. The TG2-500 is not only designed to provide warmth and punch but also to bring a beautiful expansion to the higher frequencies.

Build and Design

The TG2-500 is constructed with a nickel-plated steel chassis, finished in the classic EMI gray. Vintage-style chickenhead knobs add to the authenticity, and each channel provides a range of +5 to +75 dB gain, with additional output and impedance controls, preserving the integrity and versatility of the original design.

  • Circuit: Discrete, Transistor, Transformer Balanced I/O
  • Total Gain: +60 dB
  • Coarse Gain: +20 — +50 dB (stepped, 5 dB)
  • Fine Gain: ±10 dB (variable)
  • Switchable Mic/Line input with variable input impedance
  • +48V Phantom Power, switchable
  • Phase Reverse and Impedance Switching options
Specification Detail
Circuit Type Discrete, Transistor, Transformer Balanced I/O
Total Gain +60 dB
Coarse Gain +20 — +50 dB (stepped, 5 dB)
Fine Gain ±10 dB (variable)
Input Type Mic/Line, switchable
Input Impedance 1200/300 Ω, switchable
Phantom Power +48V, switchable
Phase (Polarity) 0/180º, switchable
Connectivity 500 Series format (frame dependent)
Power Requirements +/-16V
Current Draw +16V @ +110mA / -16V @ -80mA

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