Blue Cat Stereoscope Multi

Blue Cat Stereoscope Multi

Blue Cat Stereoscope Multi


Blue Cat's StereoScope Multi is an innovative multi-track stereo analysis tool ideal for mixing and mastering. It enables real-time comparison of the stereo image of multiple tracks, providing a visual insight into the stereo field usage of each instrument, and the impact of audio effects on the stereo image.

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Unlock Precision in Stereo Analysis

Real-Time Multi-Track Stereo Field Analysis

With Blue Cat's StereoScope Multi, delve into real-time stereo analysis of several tracks simultaneously. This tool is quintessential for mixing, allowing you to visually discern the stereo field allocation of each instrument. Furthermore, it's an asset for analyzing the effect chain to understand how audio effects modify your content's stereo image.

Advanced Analysis Algorithms

Derived from the same stereo analysis algorithms as Blue Cat's StereoScope Pro, this plugin offers instant, peak, or average responses of various audio tracks on a singular graph, supporting up to 16 curves. With enhanced zooming capabilities and coordinates display, measure the stereo image characteristics of each audio track precisely.

Customizable Analysis Parameters

The advanced routing capabilities permit different settings for each track, tailoring the analysis parameters to the audio signal you are examining. Multiple tracks audio analysis tutorial is provided to help you leverage this multi-track analysis feature effectively.

User Interface Tailored to Your Needs

Thanks to Blue Cat's skinning language support and the inclusive window opacity management feature, personalize the plug-in user interface to suit your workflow.

Updated Version with Enhanced Features

The recent version 2.4 comes with numerous improvements including Apple Silicon support, enhanced MIDI & automation control settings, smoother plug-in bypass, and improved GUI loading performance on Windows, ensuring a more robust and user-friendly experience.

  • Real-time stereo field analysis of multiple tracks.
  • Data sharing technology optimized for multi-core processors.
  • Compute and display the difference between curves for response curve measurement.
  • Animated zoom across all views and precise measurement capabilities.
  • Phase cancellation and mono compatibility issues detection.
  • Saveable curves for easy A/B comparison.
  • Customizable thresholds and user interface opacity control.

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