Blue Cat Energy Pack

Blue Cat Energy Pack

Blue Cat Energy Pack


The Blue Cat Energy Pack is a bundle of five proficient plugins tailored for dynamic audio processing and monitoring across broadband, multi-band, and side chain dimensions. This collection facilitates an enriched control over the energy and dynamics of your audio tracks, ensuring a well-balanced and vigorous sound output.

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A Comprehensive Solution for Dynamic Audio Processing

Level Monitoring with DP Meter Pro

At the forefront is the Blue Cat's DP Meter Pro, a plugin that meticulously monitors audio levels while offering unique ducking capabilities through its side chain features. The side chain capabilities are further enhanced with MIDI and automation outputs, providing a precise control over audio dynamics.

Broadband Dynamics Processing with Dynamics

Blue Cat's Dynamics is a full-fledged dynamics processor that serves as a compressor, limiter, gate, expander, or waveshaper as required. With a unique two-thresholds system, it allows for tailored dynamics response, accompanied by detailed visual feedback on its operation, aiding in informed adjustments.

Multiband Dynamics Processing with MB-5 Dynamix

The MB-5 Dynamix plugin is an all-encompassing multiband dynamics processor, offering compression, limiting, gating, expansion, or waveshaping across different frequency bands. This allows for targeted dynamics processing, ensuring each frequency band is optimally managed.

Multiband Side Chain Effects with MB-7 Mixer

Complementing the dynamics processors is the MB-7 Mixer, which splits the audio signal into several frequency bands, letting you process and re-mix them independently. This opens up the realm of powerful multiband side chain effects, providing a new layer of control and creativity.

Efficient Limiting with Protector

Rounding off the bundle is Blue Cat's Protector, a 0 dB stereo brickwall limiter that aids in managing audio output levels. Its adjustable dynamics response ensures a transparent frequency response, safeguarding against overshoot and enhancing the overall perceived loudness without compromising on audio quality.

  • Level monitoring and ducking with DP Meter Pro
  • Broadband dynamics processing with Dynamics
  • Multiband dynamics processing with MB-5 Dynamix
  • Multiband side chain effects with MB-7 Mixer
  • Efficient limiting with Protector
  • Unique side chaining capabilities using MIDI or automation control
Specification Details
Platform MAC, Windows
Windows OS Windows
Plugin Formats VST-2, VST-3, AU, AAX

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