Blue Cat DP Meter Pro

Blue Cat DP Meter Pro

Blue Cat DP Meter Pro


The Blue Cat DP Meter Pro is an exceptional audio metering and side chaining tool, proficient in furnishing customizable audio meters with advanced side chaining control. It caters to various audio analysis needs, offering a modular interface for an adaptable workflow, making it indispensable for precise audio monitoring and dynamic processing tasks.

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Unparalleled Audio Metering and Side Chaining Tool

Customizable Metering Capabilities

The DP Meter Pro stands out with its customizable metering capabilities, allowing an in-depth analysis of audio signals. It offers flexibility in monitoring peak, RMS, and crest factor meters, with five different scales including Bob Katz's K-System scales (K-12, K-14, K-20). The provision to create your own scales further enhances its adaptability to different audio analysis requirements.

Comprehensive Statistical Displays and Histograms

The large colored statistical displays provide an overview of a track based on your scales, while histograms furnish precise dynamic range measurements. These visual aids ensure a thorough understanding of the audio envelopes’ evolution over time, facilitating informed decisions during audio processing.

Multi-Channel Analysis and Mono Compatibility Verification

Whether working with mono, stereo, or surround tracks, the DP Meter Pro is equipped for multi-channel analysis. The mid-side switch is invaluable in verifying mono compatibility and analyzing the "stereoness" of audio sources, thus ensuring a well-balanced audio output.

Envelopes for Monitoring or Side Chaining

All envelopes (peak, RMS, crest factor) can be harnessed for additional monitoring or side chaining purposes. When combined, reversed, modified, or recorded as automation curves, they control other effects in real-time, opening up endless possibilities for dynamic audio processing.

External Control and Automation

The DP Meter Pro goes beyond mere analysis; its MIDI and automation outputs can control external MIDI hardware, video effects, or lighting systems based on the audio signal. This makes it a powerful tool not just for audio processing but for a broader range of creative and technical applications.

  • Multi-channel peak, RMS & crest factor metering
  • True dynamic range measurement with levels histograms
  • Modular user interface adaptable to various workflows
  • Customizable metering scales including K-System scales
  • Mono, stereo, mid-side or surround analysis
  • Recordable measurements as automation curves
  • Real-time control of MIDI-compatible plugins or external MIDI devices
  • Envelope shaping for side chain ducking, compression, and more
  • 'Stereoness' and phase cancellation measurement

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