Blue Cat FreqAnalyst Multi

Blue Cat FreqAnalyst Multi

Blue Cat FreqAnalyst Multi


The Blue Cat FreqAnalyst Multi is a specialized multi-track real time spectrum analyzer designed for meticulous spectral content analysis during mixing or mastering. It enables the visualization of spectral content from multiple audio tracks on a singular screen, offering superior smoothness and resolution across both time and frequency domains.

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Advanced Multi-Track Spectral Analysis Tool

Real-Time Spectrum Visualization

The FreqAnalyst Multi is engineered for real-time spectrum visualization across multiple tracks. Its smooth rendering and high-resolution display enable users to scrutinize the spectral content of several audio tracks concurrently, lending a comprehensive view of the frequency spectrum.

Frequency Overlap Detection and Spectrum Comparison

As an ideal companion for mixing tasks, this tool serves as a frequency overlap detector, revealing which part of the spectrum is occupied by each instrument. The innovative 'Diff' view facilitates easy comparison of the spectrum across various instances, making tasks like EQ matching or response curve measurement straightforward.

Detail-Oriented Frequency Analysis

The tool allows for fine-tuning of the frequency analysis, offering three modes per channel: instant, peak, or average response display. Its zooming capabilities and coordinates display provide precise measurement of the spectrum characteristics for each audio track, aiding in nuanced analysis and adjustments.

Multiple Tracks Analysis Simplified

With support for up to 16 curves, the plugin makes multi-track spectrum analysis simple and effective. The advanced routing capabilities allow different settings for each track, adapting the analysis to varying audio signals. The four memory slots aid in storing and comparing various setups or parts of your audio project efficiently.

Customizable User Interface

The FreqAnalyst Multi boasts a customizable user interface with window opacity management and layout customization, enabling a tailored workflow. The skinning language by Blue Cat allows for a completely custom user interface, ensuring a user-friendly experience.

  • Mono, stereo, or mid/side multi-track real time spectrum analysis
  • Unique data sharing technology with multi-core processors support
  • Spectrum difference computation for easy EQ matching and response curve measurement
  • Smart interpolation algorithm for extreme display smoothness
  • Zoomable spectrum view with precise measurement capabilities
  • Multiple display sizes with instant, peak, and average curves display for each track
  • Saveable curves for easy A/B comparison
  • Customizable threshold control with absolute and relative settings

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